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It is expensive, it is fast and it is exceptional. The Porsche Taycan Turbo shows us that Porsche's electric future is going to be great for drivers. The Taycan Turbo feels even relentlessly rapid at any speed and the best part is that it really feels like a Porsche from behind the wheel. The Turbo has the same 93.4kWh battery stack as the Turbo S, and the same 614bhp power output. But when you’re going for it in Performance mode, the Turbo’s overboost power and torque are reduced compared with the Turbo S. It means the Turbo is four-tenths slower to 60 mph from standstill.
The Taycan 4S is the more affordable version of the four-door electric car, but it still offers impressive performance and a high price tag. The Taycan 4S is the sweet spot for Porsche's electric four-door sports car, with more than enough performance for daily driving and enough equipment to feel like it is worth the money. The 4S makes a total of 522 horsepower with its base 79.2-kWh battery pack and 563 horses with the optional one, the 93.4-kWh Performance Battery Plus. Porsche claims a zero-to-60-mph time of 3.8 seconds for the 4S.