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Recent Porsche News & Updates

The Targa 4’s main feature is its unique sunroof panel that allows you to enjoy this Porsche almost all year round. Add all-wheel drive and the sexiest design in the business, and this is the posers Porsche 911. The Targa... Read More
Porsche Of The Day: 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar
The Porsche 911 Dakar is a high riding crossover coupe designed for off-roading. Its ride height is exactly 50mm higher than a 911 Carrera model equipped with Sport Suspension. Aside from that, the Dakar has a standard lift system that allows... Read More
Presented at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the 997 GT3 is like those before it. A more track biased version of the 911. It is the first GT3 to feature active chassis components. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) offers two... Read More
When automotive enthusiasts are asked to describe the pinnacle of the Porsche 911, the GT3 RS overwhelmingly dominates the conversation. In terms of outright performance metrics, it slots in below the new GT2 RS in the pecking order. While it... Read More
Porsche Of The Day: 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GT
In 1979, Porsche unveiled a concept version of the 924 at the Frankfurt Auto show wearing Carrera badges. One year later, in 1980, Porsche released the 924 Carrera GT, making clear their intention to enter the 924 in competition. By... Read More

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The History of the 911 and Every Model Variant Ever Made

Recent Porsche News & Updates

Porsche Of The Day: 2021 Porsche Mission R Concept
The Porsche Mission R concept is intended to equal the performance of the 992-series 911 GT3 Cup, the car used in the well-known Porsche Supercup and Carrera Cup series. Mission R concept features 900-volt fast-charging architecture, an 82.0-kWh battery pack, and... Read More
Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS is a brute, a lightweight, twin-turbocharged, 620-hp bout of madness that stemmed from Stuttgart’s quest to see how high up the sports-car ladder the 911 could punch. It is the most serious roadgoing Porsche ever. The... Read More
Porsche Of The Day: 2021 TechArt GTstreet R
The TechArt GTstreet R is a much improved version of the Porsche 911 Turbo thanks to a custom body kit and 3.8L twin turbocharged flat 6 engine. The new body uses a lot of carbon fiber components and was exclusively... Read More
Porsche Of The Day: 2019 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Prepared by Porsche Motorsports, the new 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport is a track car that offers supreme performance chops. Porsche offers it in two forms: the “Trackday” model for amateur racers and the “Competition” model for national and international racing. The Cayman GT4... Read More
Porsche Of The Day: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Sport
In late 2008, Porsche introduced the limited edition Cayman S Sport. The Sport was a Cayman S packaged with many sport options to create an edgy/sporty Cayman S. Beyond sport options, the Cayman S Sport received new DME software maps... Read More
The 2022 LA Auto Show is happening now, and Stuttcars contributor Casey Annis snapped some photos of some awesome classic and contemporary Porsches, including the new 911 Dakar. If you’re in the area, tickets start at $22 and are good... Read More
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