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Video Roundup: Tomini Classics, Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model S, and more

The Car Videos You Shouldn’t Overlook

Every couple of weeks we take time to dig through the video content that gets uploaded to YouTube that’s focused on supercars, hypercars, and more and pull out our favorite ones that we think you shouldn’t overlook. This time around, there are some real gems. These YouTubers do some amazing featuring even more amazing cars. So, check them out below.

An Insight Into Tomini Classics Dubai – Automotive Affairs

Tomini Classics is one of the more famous shops in the world for supercars. The Dubai showroom gets featured here in this video by Automotive Affairs. The story of the company and its collection is also told. The channel claims this is the first time that the entire store of Tomini Classics is told. It’s an interesting watch and worthy of the five minutes it takes to watch. There are plenty of good-looking cars and the story is genuinely interesting.

2006 BMW M Roadster – ONE TAKE – The Smoking Tire

The 2006 BMW M Roadster is an awesome car. Zack Klapman had a chance to take one for a drive in a One Take video. The car seems to feel right at home on the twisty Californian mountain roads. The car is a sporty special vehicle that earns its spot right up there with the Porsche Boxster in terms of being the best topless sports cars to buy. This one has been modified and that makes it sound absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for an awesome roadster, this is the video for you.

Ford Mustang Bullitt S550 – Savage Geese

The Ford Mustang is an iconic car. And the Bullitt version of the car has been an important sub-model for decades. The goofballs over at Savage Geese had a chance to get behind the wheel of one of these cars and see what it’s all about. If you’re unfamiliar with the YouTube channel, you should definitely subscribe. These guys go way in-depth on the cars and they have a sense of humor unlike many other automotive reviewers out there.

Here’s Why the $2 Million McLaren P1 Is the Ultimate Modern McLaren – Doug DeMuro

Another automotive goofball is the well-loved Doug DeMuro. This time around he does his thing with the McLaren P1. The P1 as almost everyone knows is the ultimate McLaren. The car was a revelation when it came out, and it remains one of the most impressive cars that the company has ever produced. Doug does his usual thing of checking out all the car’s quirks and features. Then he talks a bit with the car’s owner. Then he takes it out on the road to tell you how it drives.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S – Top Gear

Now usually I’d try to find something other than a Top Gear video for the roundup. After all, I want to showcase the good stuff that many people might overlook. Top Gear has all the clout it needs. However, this Taycan vs Tesla video is worth a share and it’s worth a watch. The publication does an excellent job in this verses video, and you should take a look to see what these cars are really capable of.