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Autocar Gets Behind the Wheel of the Porsche Taycan

A Close Up Look at the New Taycan

The first impressions of the new Porsche Taycan are now starting to roll out, and the publication Autocar recently posted a video review of the car. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first all-electric car, and it’s a special one. The vehicle is built on an all-new platform and this is the vehicle that will inform Porsche’s future electrification efforts.

Autocar seems pretty impressed with the vehicle. In the video below, Matt Prior discusses the car and gets behind the wheel to give the world his thoughts. He drives the Turbo S version of the Taycan. Prior says the car is extremely quick. “It’s one of those cars that makes your brain slightly frazzled.” The Turbo S, according to Prior can do a 0-60 mph run in just 2.6 seconds. Yes, this is a truly fast car.

Prior says that the car feels very Porsche in terms of the driver position and the way that the car feels. He says that steering is medium-weight and the car feels well-planted on the road. In terms of the cabin, Prior seemed impressed, too saying that the company has integrated the technology and all the screens well for the most part. He also said the ride is smooth and comfortable at speed.

Overall, the car seems to be an impressive offering and something that might be worth your dollars if you’re in the market for a big electric car that’s wildly fun on the road.