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VIDEO: Porsche Taycan Turbo S Tear Down

A Deep Dive Into the Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Electric! The word is kryptonite to petrolheads. It genuinely hurts us, not only our belief that it’s not the whole answer, but it’s alienating us from brands we have historically loved, many of whom almost guilt trip us into how dirty we are for loving the past! But let’s be fair, most #EV cars to date deserve the cold shoulder from our gear head community: Tesla, great performance and tech, but questionable build quality, and crucially: no soul. Mercedes EQC? It’s fat, design went full retard, drive and interior forgettable. Audi Etron – At least it looks like a normal Audi. Still, soulless.

Which brings us finally to #Porsche. Perhaps our last and best hope. After all, who better to task with providing driver soul, than the worlds premier sports car manufacturer. On paper it appears the same as the rest, but Porsche claim the #Taycan is soul electrified. Porsche’s electric history starts with the Semper Vivus, or “Always Alive”, made by founder Ferdi Porsche. Though the true first standout foray was the 918 Spyder hyper car. A V8 Hybrid Hypercar that left no doubt in anyone’s mind Porsche’s aptitude for all things electric. This was quickly followed by a swift roll out of Hybrid across the model line up, creating things like the Panamera SE Turbo Hybrid!

Then in 2014 came the precursor, the Mission E! Gorgeous, like a space ship with its stormtrooper looks and suicide doors. Still distinctly Porsche, but with an air of Star Wars, rather than the blue highlighted nonsense BMW and Mercedes have put on their cars. The interesting question for me was : Why a sports car first? Most manufacturers decided to go SUV first, Michael Mauer Porsche’s designed said:

“At times, we also considered launching into e-mobility with an SUV, but ultimately we made the decision to take this important step for Porsche with a sports car in order to make a clear statement. “

Amazing! This is the attitude we petrol-heads want to hear! Turbo S has 760BHP, 1050NM and to 60 in 2.6 seconds! Despite this, it has a range of 250 claimed. The Design is like a Stretched 911 – Height and shape is low like a sports car, and we’ll discover by checking the taycan’s internals in the video how this is done via “foot garages”. We will also check out the full drive train, the two gear electrical motors and everything that makes the Taycan unique in class.