Porsche option/build codes

Every Porsche leaves the factory with a list of standard and optional equipment. Standard equipment is described by build codes and optional equipment by option codes. The codes are three or four character strings of numbers and letters. Back in the old days all the codes started with an M and they were called as the M-codes. Nowadays they start with an I. The codes are usually printed on stickers: one of these is added to the service book, but the second one changes location, depending on the specific model (under the bonnet, in the trunk or not available at all). If you’ve bought your car as new from the dealer, you probably know what options you selected, but with second hand cars, it’s unknown and decoding these codes without a proper manual is quite impossible, especially as Porsche has reused some of the codes for different equipment over time.

We have collected all the options for different models and model years so you can decode these magic numbers for your car. For early cars the number of options is usually very short, sometimes only a few lines, later cars are much more verbose in that area. For example an eighties Porsche might have just a couple of option codes, while a 996 Turbo with nothing really super fancy extras, has about 70 codes (most of them standard equipment build codes) .

Pre-1970 (356, 550, 904, 911, 912)



718 Cayman & Boxster


MY1970-1980 MY1981 MY1982 MY1983 MY1984 MY1985 MY1986 MY1987 MY1988 MY1989
964: MY1989-1990  MY1991-1994  
993: MY1994-1995   MY1996-1998
996: MY1998-2001   MY2002   MY2003-2005  
997.1: MY2005-2007 MY2008   MY2009 
997.2: MY2009  MY2010-2013 
991.1: MY2012-2016 
991.2: MY2017-2019 
992: MY2020-... 



918 Spyder



MY1976-1980   MY1981   MY1982   MY1983   MY1984   MY1985   MY1986   MY1987   MY1988


MY1978-1981   MY1982   MY1983   MY1984   MY1985   MY1986   MY1987   MY1988   MY1989-1991   MY1992-1995


MY1982-1983   MY1984   MY1985   MY1986   MY1987   MY1988   MY1989-1991






986: MY1997   MY1998   MY1999   MY2000   MY2001   MY2002   MY2003   MY2004
987.1: MY2005   MY2006   MY2007   MY2008  
987.2: MY2009   MY2010-2012  
981: MY2012-2016


955 (9PA): MY2003-2006 There was no Model Year 2007 for Cayenne
957 (9PA II): MY2008-2010
958 (92A): MY2011-2018
9Y0 (9YA): MY2018-...


987.1: MY2006-2007 MY2008
987.2: MY2009  MY2010-2013  
981: MY2014-2016

Carrera GT



95B: MY2015-2021


970: MY2010-2016
971: MY2017-...

Aug, 23 – 23rd birthday of the Boxster 986 (1996)
Aug, 29 – 54th birthday of the 906 (1965)
Sep, 03 – 144th birthday anniversary of Ferdinand Porsche (1875)
Sep, 08 – 51st birthday of the 909 (1968)
Sep, 09 – 26th birthday of the 911 993 (1993)