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Porsche Cayenne (MY 2006) – Equipment & Options Codes

Full list of Equipment & Option Codes Decoder for the 2006 Porsche Cayenne

2006 Porsche Cayenne Option Codes

Porsche Option Codes – Porsche Cayenne (2006 Model Year)

Looking to decode your 2006 Porsche Cayenne option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your 2006 Porsche Cayenne service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for the full 2006 Cayenne model lineup. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Please note, there was no model year 2007 for Cayenne. Type 955 was ended with MY2006 and type 957 was started in 2007 as MY2008.

Important note: The option codes below are for all 2003 to 2006 model year Porsche Cayennes (all Type 955 1st generation variants) so you may see options that are not specific to the 2006 model year cars.

2006 MY Porsche Cayenne Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for all the Porsche Cayennes in 2006. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
0AB Front anti-roll bar
0AG Front anti-roll bar disengageable
0BB Rear anti-roll bar
0BJ Rear anti-roll bar disengageable
0E1 VAG code: short wheelbase
0GD Emissions compliance EU 2, (CN)
0GG Emissions compliance EU 4
0GM Emissions compliance LEV
0GU Emissions compliance EU 2
0JA Front axle weight class 1 (1170-1210 kg)
0JB Front axle weight class 2 (1211-1226 kg)
0JC Front axle weight class 3 (1227-1251 kg)
0JD Front axle weight class 4 (1252-1276 kg)
0JE Front axle weight class 5 (1277-1292 kg)
0JF Front axle weight class 6 (1293-1328 kg)
0JG Front axle weight class 7 (1329-1428 kg)
0JZ Without determination of front axle weight class
0KA Without stickers and badges
0NA Without model designation on rear lid
0NB Logo set in basic version
0P0 Standard tailpipes
0P3 Sports tailpipes
0SB Technical stickers in German
0SC Technical stickers in English
0SD Technical stickers in Swedish
0SE Technical stickers in Dutch
0SF Technical stickers in Danish
0SG Technical stickers in French
0SH Technical stickers in Portuguese
0SJ Technical stickers in Spanish
0SK Technical stickers in Italian
0SL Technical stickers in Japanese
0SM Technical stickers in Chinese
0SN Technical stickers in Russian
0SP Technical stickers in Finnish
0SQ Technical stickers in Norwegian
0SS Technical stickers in English/French
0SV Technical stickers in Greek
0SW Technical stickers in Arabic
0TA Without floor mats
0TD Floor mats
0VA Without information kit
0VC Information kit in German
0Y1 Standard climatic zone
0Y2 Tropical climatic zone
0Y3 Cold climatic zone
0YA Rear axle weight class 1 (1039-1074 kg)
0YB Rear axle weight class 2 (1075-1128 kg)
0YC Rear axle weight class 3 (1129-1159 kg)
0YD Rear axle weight class 4 (1160-1215 kg)
0YE Rear axle weight class 5 (1216-1244 kg)
0YF Rear axle weight class 6 (1245-1299 kg)
0YG Rear axle weight class 7 (1300-1331 kg)
0YZ Without determination of rear axle weight class
1BA Standard suspension (steel springs)
1BK Air suspension incl. PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management (electronic damper control)
1BS Air suspension
1CY Cayenne generation: 9P0
1D0 Without towball
1D2 Detachable trailer coupling
1D6 Trailer coupling without tow ball
1D7 Preparation for detachable trailer coupling
1D8 Preparation for detachable trailer coupling (American version)
1D9 Electric folding trailer coupling
1EB Without European identification plate
1EX Special identification plate for EC for M1 passenger vehicle
1EY Special identification plate with weight data, but without general operating permit, RoW (Rest of World)
1G1 18" space-saver spare wheel
1G3 Full size spare wheel mounted on rear
1G6 17" space-saver spare wheel
1G8 Tire emergency repair set
1KU Rear disc brakes 18", red callipers
1KW Rear disc brakes 17", black callipers
1KY Rear disc brakes 17", silver callipers
1KZ Rear disc brakes 17", red callipers
1L0 Normal air cleaner
1L2 Equipment for countries with dusty air
1LH Front disc brakes 19", red callipers
1LK Front disc brakes 17", black callipers
1LL Front disc brakes 18", silver callipers
1LM Front disc brakes 18", red callipers
1N1 Basic power steering (without servotronic)
1N3 Servotronic speed-dependent power-assisted steering
1NE Standard wheel caps
1NP Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest
1PC Wheel bolts with theft protection
1Q0 Without mass damper for steering wheel
1SA Without protective plate for engine
1SB Protective plate for engine
1Z0 Initial standard fuel filling
1Z5 Increase in initial standard fuel filling
1T0 Without first aid kit and warning triangle
1T3 First aid kit and warning triangle
1XJ Dark Burr maple multi-function steering wheel
1XK Light Olive multi-function steering wheel
1Y0 Without rear differential lock (only with central differential lock)
1Y1 Rear differential lock in addition to central differential lock
2C4 Steering column reach and height electrically adjustable plus memory
2C5 Steering column reach and height mechanically adjustable
2D0 Without SportDesign package
2D1 SportDesign exterior package with side skirts
2D2 SportDesign exterior package without side skirts
2D3 SportDesign side skirts
2FV Matt light olive multi-function steering wheel
2G1 Insert for fuelling with unleaded petrol
2G3 Without fuel tank adapter for unleaded petrol
2G4 Insert for fuelling with unleaded petrol (carb diagnosis)
2G6 Without fuel tank adapter; ethanol fuel
2JB Standard bumper (without stainless steel attachment)
2JC Stainless steel attachment on front apron
2L0 VAG code: without winch
2PH Heated steering wheel
2PM Steering wheel without heating
2V5 Fresh-air intake with active carbon filter
2WA Without additional tires
2X0 Without Tiptronic operation
2X2 Tiptronic controls on steering wheel
3B1 Child seat anchors according to Canadian requirements
3B4 ISOFIX child seat anchors, rear
3CX Dog net
3D1 Leatherette centre console
3D3 Grained leather centre console
3D8 Leather centre console
3FA Without sunroof
3FE Glass sunroof
3FU Panoramic roof
3GE Raised loadspace floor
3J4 Head rests without Porsche crest
3J7 Porsche crest embossed in front headrests
3L4 Driver memory package
3L5 Electric front seats
3LD Basic door trim and side wall
3LE Medium level door trim and side wall
3LH Leather door trim and side wall, pillars/rooflining in Alcantara
3ME Tufted velour carpeting with protective pad
3MT Pearl velour carpeting with protective pad
3NW Rear seat split backrest can be folded down
3PN Front seats with memory
3QT Front seat belts with pre-tensioners and height adjustment
3S1 Aluminium roof rails incl. drip rails
3S2 Black roof rails without drip mouldings
3S4 Preparation for roof rack, black
3S5 Black roof rails and drip rails
3S7 Roof rails
3S8 Roof Transport System
3W4 Standard noise suppression
3W7 Extra noise suppression
3X0 Without skibag
3X1 Ski bag
3Y0 Without sun blind for rear side windows
3Y3 Sun blind for rear side windows
3Y4 Sun blind for rear side windows
4A0 Without seat heating
4A3 Heated seats, front
4A4 Heated seats front and rear
4AV Leather insert door trim and side wall
4B0 Without protective side molding
4D0 Without seat ventilation (VAG code)
4E2 Without power lift for rear lid
4E7 Power lift for rear lid
4F2 Keyless entry
4F6 Keyless entry (USA/Canada)
4GF Basic windscreen
4GY Heat-insulating windscreen
4H3 Rear door child locks
4K0 Central-locking with remote control
4K3 Central locking with remote control, inner release and safe lock system
4L2 Basic interior mirror
4L6 Automatically dimming interior mirror
4LA Steering wheel without controls for radio or telephone
4LB Multifunction steering wheel (radio control)
4LC Multifunction steering wheel (radio and telephone control)
4M0 Without cup holder
4N1 Padded dashboard
4N8 Leather dashboard
4QF Front seat belts with electrical height adjustment and memory
4UB Kneebar
4UD Front passenger airbag cannot be deactivated
4UE Front passenger airbag can be deactivated
4UQ Advanced airbag
4W0 VAG code: Without CD storage
4Z1 Standard glove compartment
5D1 Carrier frequency 433 MHz
5D2 Carrier frequency 315 MHz
5D3 Carrier frequency 315 MHz with reduced transmission power for Japan
5D9 Carrier frequency 433 MHz with changed transmission duration
5K0 Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
5K2 Transport protection cover (shrinking system) with additional transport protection measures
5MA Plastic interior trim
5MG Dark burr maple high gloss interior trim
5RK Right exterior mirror flat
5RQ Right exterior mirror convex
5RR Right exterior mirror convex (US)
5RT Right exterior mirror convex (AGCC)
5RV Right exterior mirror aspherical
5SG Left exterior mirror flat
5SJ Left exterior mirror convex
5SL Left exterior mirror aspherical
5TE Aluminium interior trim
5TF Light olive high gloss interior trim
5TK Light olive matt interior trim
5W0 Titanium-metallic roof rail
5W2 Preparation for roof rack
5W3 Roof rack black, guide rails bright
5XH Dual sun visors with illuminated mirror
6A0 Without fire extinguisher
6A4 Preparation for fire extinguisher
6A5 Fire extinguisher
6A7 Fire extinguisher
6E3 PVC centre armrest
6E6 Leather covered centre armrest
6E7 Grained leather centre armrest
6EA Without additional body covers, side stone guards
6EB Additional body covers, stone guards and partial cover
6EP Additional body covers, stone guards, type 1
6EQ Additional body covers, stone guards, type 2
6ES Additional body covers, stone guards, type 3
6ET Additional body covers, stone guards, type 4
6FA Without contrasting color
6FB Door-mirror housing painted in exterior color
6GA Without wheel arch extensions
6GE Wheel arch extensions, extra wide for Australia
6GF Wider wheel arch covers
6KA Radiator grille
6KC Front grille Turbo S
6KD Radiator grille
6KE Titanium metallic radiator grille
6N0 Without mud flaps
6N1 Mudguards, rear
6NA Alcantara rooflining (USA)
6NF Alcantara rooflining (Canada)
6NJ Standard rooflining, fabric
6NL Standard rooflining, fabric, Canada
6NN Alcantara rooflining
6NQ Standard rooflining in fabric, USA
6P1 Rear number plate space Europe
6P2 Rear number plate space America
6Q2 Standard gear selector
6Q8 Dark wood gear selector lever
6SF Standard trunk floor covering
6W1 Front number plate bracket large Euro
6W2 Front number plate bracket small RoW (Rest of World)
6W3 Front number plate bracket America
6XP Standard exterior mirrors
6XQ Exterior mirrors with memory
6XT Automatically dimmable exterior mirrors with memory
6XW Automatically dimmable exterior mirrors
7A0 Without CD changer
7A1 Preparation for CD changer
7A2 CD changer
7AK Alarm system, interior surveillance system, anti-towing protection
7AL Alarm system, interior surveillance system, backup horn, anti-towing protection
7AT Preparation for Vehicle Tracking System
7AU Alarm system, backup horn, with VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)
7B6 Six 12V sockets
7B7 Five 12V sockets
7B8 Seven 12V sockets
7F6 Light olive matt gear lever
7F7 Light olive high gloss gear lever
7GA LEV 2 emissions concept
7K0 Without Tire Pressure Monitoring
7K3 TPM Tire Pressure Monitoring, 433 MHz
7K4 TPM Tire Pressure Monitoring, 315 MHz
7K5 TPM Tire Pressure Monitoring, 315 MHz with reduced transmission power
7M0 Plastic door entry guards
7M1 Stainless steel door entry guards with model name
7Q0 Without navigation unit
7Q2 PCM navigation module
7Q7 PCM navigation + digital compass display
7QA Without DVD for navigation
7QZ Navigation Middle East
7QT Navigation Europe
7QV Navigation South Africa
7QX Navigation North America
7RA Navigation Australia
7RB Navigation Hong Kong
7RC Navigation Singapore
7RD Navigation Taiwan
7RV Navigation Russia
7T0 Digital compass display in instrument cluster
7T1 Offroad navigation, with course calculator showing latitude and longitude
7T3 Offroad navigation, with course calculator showing latitude and longitude + compass display
7VE Auxiliary heater with integrated timer
7VL Auxiliary heater with integrated timer and remote control
7X0 Without ParkAssistant
7X1 ParkAssistant with camera
7X2 ParkAssistant
7X3 Reversing camera
8BB Halogen headlights LHD
8BC Xenon LHD
8BF Halogen headlights RHD
8BR Halogen headlights USA
8BZ Xenon RHD
8DQ PCM Porsche Communication Management screen USA
8DU Porsche CDR 23 radio WW
8DV PCM Porsche Communication Management screen RoW (Rest of World)
8F2 Side direction indicator lights
8F5 Side marker lights and direction indicators
8FA Without second battery
8FE Preparation for second battery
8GH 190 A generator
8GR 150 A generator
8JD Xenon (USA)
8K0 Without special low beam mode
8K1 Daytime driving light setting Scandinavia
8K3 Daytime driving lights, auxiliary driving lights, RoW, with coming home function
8K4 Daytime driving light setting Canada
8K5 Auxiliary driving lights, USA
8K8 Auxiliary driving lights RoW (Rest of World)
8K9 Daytime driving lights, auxiliary driving lights, Canada, with coming home function
8L6 Window antenna
8N3 Variable interval setting for rain sensor
8Q0 Without headlight range adjustment
8Q1 Manual headlight range adjustment
8Q3 Automatic headlight range adjustment, dynamic (self-adjusting while driving)
8RV Basic sound system with 10 loudspeakers
8SA VAG code: Standard tail lights
8ZM Antenna in rear spoiler
8T0 Without cruise control
8T1 Cruise control
8TF Rear fog light, left and right
8WB Front fog lights
8X0 Without headlight washer system
8X1 Headlight cleaning system
8Y2 Horns for extreme driving situations
9AB Air conditioning system with manual control
9AD 2-zone automatic air conditioning
9AH 4-zone automatic air conditioning
9C8 Without specific driving light circuit, USA
9JA Non-smoker package
9JB Ashtrays at front and rear
9L1 Engine bay lighting
9M0 Without fuel-fired auxiliary heater
9MA Basic interior lighting
9MB Comfort interior lighting, dimmable, with light strips on door panels
9NX Without electronic logbook
9NY Electronic logbook
9P1 Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
9Q1 Multi-purpose display, on-board computer
9Z0 Operating voltage 12V
9ZF Preparation for mobile phone with hands-free facility
9ZH Installation of car phone with emergency-call system - PCM telematics
9ZP Telephone module with handset
9ZT Telephone preparation USA, Japan
9T1 Heated front washer nozzles
9TF Courtesy entry and exit lights
9TH Safety lights on front and rear doors
9W0 Without preparation for car phone
9W1 Telephone module without handset
9WC Without multimedia in the rear
9VL Bose sound system
A8B Basic equipment
AAB Alu-look front bumper grilles
AAC Internal production code
ACA Carbon steering wheel (not heated)
AHC Dark Walnut handles
ALA Two-tone steering wheel
ALY Arm rest with embossed model designation
B00 Without type approval country
B01 Type approval Germany
B02 Type approval Belgium
B03 Type approval Czech Republic
B04 Type approval Denmark
B05 Type approval Finland
B06 Type approval Norway
B07 Type approval Sweden
B08 Type approval France
B09 Type approval Great Britain and Northern Ireland
B0A Component set without country assignment
B0D Component set for USA
B0E Component set for Canada
B0L Component set for Japan
B0M Component set for AGCC countries
B0N Component set for Great Britain
B0R Component set for Australia
B0W Component set for California
B10 Type approval Ireland
B11 Type approval Iceland
B12 Type approval Austria
B13 Type approval Switzerland
B14 Type approval Italy, San Marino, Vatican
B15 Type approval Spain, Andorra
B16 Type approval Portugal
B17 Type approval Poland
B18 Type approval Hungary
B19 Type approval Greece
B23 Type approval AGCC countries (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
B29 Type approval Japan
B2G Component set for Thailand
B30 Type approval Australia
B31 Type approval the Netherlands
B34 Legal requirements USA
B35 Legal requirements Canada
B40 Special requirements South America
BA9 Special requirement Asia Pacific
BAA Leather package
C00 Operating permit, initial registration, COC
CJ1 17" Cayenne V6 wheels 7.5x17 ET53
CJ2 18" Cayenne S wheels 8x18 ET57
CJ3 19" Cayenne Design wheels, 9" wide
CJ6 18" Turbo wheels 8x18
CP5 20" SportTechno wheels 9+10x20 in Titanium metallic
CP7 19" Cayenne Design wheels, 9" wide, spokes painted in car color
CS5 20" SportDesign wheels 9x20
CS6 20" SportTechno wheels 9x20 ET60
CT1 20" SportTechno wheels 9x20 ET60, painted in car color
CW3 19" Cayenne Design wheels in Titanium metallic
CY3 20" SportTechno wheels 9+10x20
CY4 20" SportTechno wheels 9+10x20 painted in car color
D9J 3.2V6, normally aspirated Volkswagen engine
D9K 4.5V8 normally aspirated 250 kW
D9L 4.5V8 biturbo
E0A No campaign version (normal version)
E16 Cayenne S Titanium edition
E81 Powerkit 368 kW
E8A Turbo S
F0A No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
FC0 Without customized installation
FE0 No DVD country code
G0L 6-speed manual transmission
G0R Tiptronic 6-speed
GP0 Cayenne 955 (original, pre-facelift version)
GY0 Without electric lock for tailgate
GY1 Electric lock for tailgate
H8Z Tyres 235/65 R17 108 V
H9E 17" all-season tyres
H9K Tyres 255/55R18 109Y
H9L Tyres 275/45R19 108Y
H9M 18" all-season tyres
HD9 Tyres 275/40 R20
J0L 340A 70Ah battery
J0Z 520A 110Ah battery
J1U 450A 95Ah battery
J2C Additional battery in trunk (so 480A 85Ah + 520A 110Ah)
K4H Closed body
L0L Left-hand drive version
L0R Right-hand drive version
N1X Grained leather seats (with leatherette rear sides)
N2Z Two-tone smooth leather seats (with leatherette rear sides)
N5U Smooth leather seats (with leatherette rear sides)
N7D Soft ruffled leather seats (in comb.with full leather interior)
N7F Soft ruffled leather seats
NG0 Without top carrier
PB1 Advanced Offroad Technic pack
PB2 Advanced Offroad Technic pack
PB3 Advanced Offroad Technic pack
PB4 Advanced Offroad Technic pack
PC1 Xenon
PE1 Comfort seat package ( column, belt height, seat memory)
PE2 Sports seats
PE3 Sports seats
PF1 PCM navigation
PF2 PCM navigation with offroad backtracing
PG1 Driver memory package
PH1 Dark burr maple multifunction steering wheel (no st.wh. heating)
PH2 Light olive high gloss multifunction steering wheel (no st.wh. heating)
PH3 Light olive matt multifunction steering wheel (no st.wh. heating)
PH4 Burr maple interior trim incl. selector lever
PH5 Light olive interior trim incl. selector lever
PH6 Matt light olive interior trim incl. selector lever
PI1 Multifunction steering wheel (radio control)
PI2 Multifunction steering wheel (radio and telephone control)
PJ1 Thermally insulated laminated privacy glass
PJ2 Privacy glass
PK1 Front seat heater incl.heated steering wheel
PK2 Front & rear seat heater incl. heated steering wheel
PK3 Front seat heater
PK4 Front & rear seat heater
PM1 Offroad Design
PM2 Offroad Design
PO1 Light comfort package (dimmable interior lighting, self dim.mirrors, lights in mirrors)
PO2 Light comfort package (dimmable interior lighting, self dim.mirrors, lights in mirrors)
Q1D Fully electric sports seats
Q2J 12-way fully electric front seats incl. lumbar support adjustment
QA0 VAG code: without child seat
QE0 Without tray areas package/box
QG0 Without service interval prolongation
QG1 Service interval prolongation
QH0 Without voice control
QH1 Voice control
QJ0 VAG code: no chrome exterior trim
QJ2 Aluminium window trim
QJ4 Black window trim
QJ5 Titanium Metallic window trim
QL3 Tinted glass, green at rear
QL5 Dark tinted rear privacy glass
QL6 Heat-insulating glass at rear, metallized
QR0 Without digital compass display
QR1 Digital compass display
QV0 Without TV and digital radio reception
QV1 TV module (analog)
QV4 SiriusXM satellite radio
QV8 Sirius satellite radio receiver
S0B Vehicle with engineering build status of current model year and identification number of next model year
S3E Standard production vehicle
S9Y Car handed to end customer at the Leipzig factory
SA0 Model year change calendar week 45
STU TT CARS material protection
SW5 Scope from "Exclusive" custom tayloring program
T31 Components for basic engine, unit M 022Y
T90 Accessories for engine PR. No. D9L
T91 Accessories for engine PR. No. D9K
U5A Instrument insert, km/h indication, RoW
U5B Instrument insert, mph indication, GB
U5C Instrument insert, mph indication, USA
U5D Instrument insert, km/h indication, Canada
U5E Instrument insert, km/h indication, Japan
U5F Instrument insert, km/h indication, AGCC
U5G Instrument insert, km/h indication, Australia
V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand
VC0 Without garage door opener
VC1 Garage door opener, 433 MHz
VC2 Garage door opener, 315 MHz
VR0 Without side protection/side step
VR1 Side step
VR2 Side sill protection for off-road use
VR3 Front-end and side protection
VR4 Front-end protection
VW5 Thermally & noise insulated privacy glass
X7F National sales program Technical Program
Code Description