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Porsche (All Models) (Pre-1970) – Equipment & Options Codes

Equipment Codes & Option Decoder

Porsche Option Codes – Pre 1970 (356, 550, 904, 911, 912)

Looking to decode your pre-1970 Porsche option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your pre-1970 Porsche service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for every pre-1970 model year Porsche, including the 356, 550, 904, 911 and 912. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Pre-1970 Porsche Option Codes & Option Decoder

Code Description
9101 Hubcap with colored Porsche crest
9107 Phoenix 165HR15 tires
9108 Dunlop SP 165HR15 tires
9118 Chrome wheels
9120 Fuchs forged alloy wheels
9121 Chrome plated wheels
9125 Outside mirror, left, needs installation
9126 Outside mirror, right, needs installation
9127 Outside mirror, left
9128 Outside mirror, right
9131 Talbot sports outside mirror, left, needs installation
9132 Talbot sports outside mirror, right, needs installation
9168 Outside thermometer
9169 Outside thermometer
9171 Left sunvisor with mirror
9189 Sisal floor mats
9189 Velour floor mat for car with sportomatic, left
9190 Velour floor mat for car with sportomatic, right
9198 Velour floor mat for manual gearbox car, left
9199 Velour floor mat for manual gearbox car, right
9200 Lap belt, left
9201 Lap belt, right
9202 Diagonal belt, left
9203 Diagonal belt, right
9204 3-point seat belt, left
9205 3-point seat belt, right
9208 2-point seat belt, US approved
9216 Traveling Kit 911S
9217 Traveling kit
9218 Traveling kit 911T
9219 Traveling kit USA
9220 Front bumper guards (standard for USA)
9221 Rear bumper guards (standard for USA)
9222 Bumper guards front and rear
9224 Koni shock absorbers
9229 Gas heater
9230 Supplementary electric blower
9237 Black suitcase 76x58x21 cm
9238 Black suitcase 58x39x21 cm
9239 Black suitcase /or/ Leather tie down straps for rear seat
9247 Suitcase tie down straps fitted to rear seats
9248 Canvas suitcase red with black tartan pattern
9249 Leather tie down straps fitted to rear seats
9250 Leather shirt case fitted to rear seat
9255 Canvas suitcase red with black tartan pattern 70x50x14 cm
9261 Canvas suitcase red with black tartan pattern
9263 Luggage deposit replacement for rear seats
9264 SKAI-Dur black vinyl suitcase 70x50x14 cm
9265 Wooden steering wheel 300mm
9266 Horn button black
9267 Steering wheel 30mm closer to driver
9268 Leather steering wheel
9273 Quartz-iodine headlamps
9278 US safety equipment
9283 Emergency flasher lights
9290 Rear wiper
9291 Quartz-iodine fog lights front
9292 Quartz-iodine fog lights rear
9293 Halogen H3 bulb fog lights, ROW
9297 Power radio antenna
9298 Radio interference suppression kit
9303 Radio antenna
9307 Radio speaker
9320 Blaupunkt Bremen radio
9322 Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio
9323 Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio for USA
9325 Blaupunkt Köln radio
9326 Blaupunkt New Yorker radio for USA
9327 Blaupunkt New Yorker radio
9340 Becker Monte Carlo radio
9341 Becker Europa radio
9342 Becker Europa radio for USA
9349 Becker Grand Prix radio
9350 Becker Grand Prix radio for USA
9356 Tonneau for Targa
9400 Paint from the selection of special paints
9403 Custom paint
9420 Long range driving lights
9421 Fog lamps above the bumper mount
9425 Leather interior (excluding dashboard)
9427 Seat raised by 20mm
9428 Leather seats
9437 Headrest in hounds tooth check cloth
9438 Headrest in corduroy
9439 Headrest in leather
9440 Headrest in leatherette
9442 Installation of headrest, left
9443 Installation of headrest, right
9444 Leather headrest, left
9445 Leather headrest, right
9446 Leatherette headrest, left
9447 Leatherette headrest, right
9474 Electric sunroof
9480 Tinted glass Targa
9481 Catacolour tinted glass all windows
9482 Catacolour tinted windshield
9483 Catacolour tinted rear window
9484 Heated rear window
9485 Heated tinted rear window
9499 Fuel tank 100 L
9503 Roof luggage rack with straps for skis
9505 Roof rack
9506 Leather straps for roof rack
9507 Roof rack for 4 skis
9508 Roof rack for Targa
9512 Heated tinted rear window for Targa
9520 Stainless steel muffler skirt
9521 Towing hook
9574 Limited slip differential
9581 Sportomatic gearbox
9590 5 speed manual geabox
Code Description