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Porsche Boxster (MY2008) – Equipment & Options Codes

Equipment Codes & Option Decoder

2008 Porsche Boxster Option Codes

Porsche Option Codes – 2008 Boxster

Looking to decode your 2008 Porsche Boxster option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your 2008 Porsche Boxster service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for the full 2008 Boxster model lineup. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

2008 Porsche Boxster Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for all the Porsche Boxsters in 2008. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
008 3.4-litre engine
009 2.7-litre engine
022 Black instrument dials
023 Silver instrument dials
024 Version for Greece
025 Black faced stopwatch
026 Silver faced stopwatch
027 White faced stopwatch
029 European specification standard suspension
030 Sports chassis
032 Touring suspension (higher suspension for USA)
034 Version for Italy
058 Impact absorbers front and rear
061 Version for Great Britain
062 Version for Sweden
063 Version Luxemburg
064 Version for Netherlands
065 Version for Denmark
066 Version for Norway
067 Version for Finland
068 Right-hand drive version for Asia Pacific
069 Other country version
071 EU country version
072 Version for Mexico
073 Version for Russia
074 Left-hand drive version for Asia Pacific
075 Version for China
098 Left-hand drive version
099 Right-hand drive version
111 Version for Austria
113 Version for Canada
114 Version for Taiwan
119 Version for Spain
124 Version for France
126 Indications in French
127 Indications in Swedish
130 Indications in English
159 Curbed engine 155kW
193 Version for Japan
194 Battery 60 Ah
195 Battery 70 Ah
196 Battery 80 Ah
197 Stronger battery
198 Stronger starter 1.7 kW
199 Battery disconnection switch
200 Battery 95 Ah
210 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
211 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
215 Version for Saudi Arabia
218 Licence plate space America and Asia-Pacific
219 Regular differential (without limited slip)
220 LSD Limited Slip Differential
225 Version for Belgium
230 Internal production code related to tyres
233 Internal production code related to tyres
234 Internal production code related to tyres
235 Internal production code related to tyres
240 Internal production code related to tyres
242 Internal production code related to tyres
245 Internal production code related to tyres
247 Internal production code related to N1 tyres
249 Tiptronic transmission, 5-speed
267 Automatically dimmable mirrors
268 Rain sensor
270 Driver side mirror flat
271 Driver side mirror aspherical
274 Illuminated vanity mirror
277 Version for Switzerland
288 Headlamp washer
301 Longer transmission ratio
305 Alcantara gear lever
308 Alcantara selector lever
325 Version for South Africa/New Zealand
342 Seat heating
369 2-way electrical standard seat, left
370 2-way electrical standard seat, right
375 2-way electrical sports seat, left
376 2-way electrical sports seat, right
377 16-way adaptive sports seat, left
378 16-way adaptive sports seat, right
388 Foldable bucket seat, left
389 Foldable bucket seat, right
393 17" Boxster 987.1 wheels
397 18" Boxster 987.1 S wheels
398 17" Cayman 987.1 wheels
401 18" Cayman 987.1 S wheels
403 19" Carrera S design wheels
404 19" 997 Turbo 3.6-look wheels
405 19" Carrera Classic wheels
407 19" SportDesign wheels
424 CD compartment
426 Internal 987 production line code: without rear window wiper (in use for Cayman)
431 Multifunction steering wheel
432 Tiptronic buttons for steering wheel
433 Alcantara sports steering wheel
434 Work instructions for cars for overseas
435 Grained leather steering wheel with round center design
436 Grained leather steering wheel with triangular center design
437 12-way electrical seat incl. lumbar support, left
438 12-way electrical seat incl. lumbar support, right
439 Electric soft top
440 Windscreen antenna
441 Radio preparation
444 Wheel locks (approved by Thatcham Research)
446 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest
447 Emergency wheel
450 PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes
451 Makassar multifunction steering wheel
452 Sycamore multifunction steering wheel
453 Carbon multifunction steering wheel
454 Automatic speed control
459 Smooth leather steering wheel with triangular center design
460 Smooth leather steering wheel with round center design
461 Rod antenna
465 Rear fog light, left
466 Rear fog light, right
475 PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management electronic damper control
476 PSM Porsche Stability Management
479 Version for Australia
480 Manual gearbox, 6-speed
481 Manual gearbox, 5-speed
482 TPM Tyre Pressure Monitoring 433MHz
483 TPM Tyre Pressure Monitoring 315MHz
484 USA symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
488 Stickers in German
490 Sound system A.S.K.
492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
498 Without model designation on rear end
499 Version for Germany
501 Car cover
502 Produced at Valmet plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland
507 Internal production code (external component manufacture)
509 Fire extinguisher
521 Tilt sensor
524 Immobilizer 433 MHz
525 Immobilizer 315 MHz
532 No alarm
534 Alarm 433 MHz
535 Alarm 315 MHz
536 Alarm siren
537 Seat memory, left
538 Seat memory, right
539 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, left
540 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, right
544 Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring 433 MHz
545 Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring 315 MHz
550 Hardtop
551 Wind deflector
553 Version for USA, Canada
555 Black seat belts
556 Seat belts in standard colors
560 Knee airbag
562 Front airbags
563 Side airbags
566 Fog lights
567 Top-tinted windscreen
568 Windscreen without green top-tint
571 Activated charcoal filter
572 Manual air conditioning
573 Automatic air conditioning
574 Without air conditioner
575 Luggage compartment cooling system
5TU TT CARS material protection
584 Storage box on engine cover
601 Xenon
606 Daytime driving lights
607 Garage door opener 315 MHz
608 Garage door opener 433 MHz
610 DVD navigation Europe
611 DVD navigation South Africa
612 DVD navigation Middle East
613 DVD navigation Australia
614 DVD navigation Asia-Pacific
615 DVD navigation North America
616 DVD navigation Russia
617 DVD navigation China
618 Preparation for telephone installation
621 12V socket in passenger side footwell
635 ParkAssistant
639 Sport Chrono
640 Sport Chrono Plus
641 Electronic logbook
659 On-board computer
660 OBD 2 On-Board Diagnostics
661 Stricter emission-control concept
664 ORVR Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
665 PCM 2 Porsche Communication Management incl. radio, CD
666 Telephone module for PCM
668 Telephone handset
672 Navigation module for PCM
674 Preparation for Vehicle Tracking System
675 Without radio preparation (Japan navigation system)
677 Driver card antenna
678 Alarm system connection
679 Restart inhibitor
680 Bose sound system
689 Preparation for CD changer
692 CD changer
694 CD-radio Porsche CDR 24
706 Internal production code
709 Internal production code
753 Orange Edition
754 RS 60 Spyder Edition
757 Porsche Design Edition 2
760 Without VTS Vehicle Tracking System preparation
762 Internal production code
789 Color to sample
796 Natural leather
798 Special leather
799 Leather color to sample
801 Makassar interior package matt satin finish
802 Sycamore interior package matt satin finish
803 Carbon interior package
810 Floor mats
900 Accession of the car at the factory
912 Without European ID plate
946 Leather seats with leatherette rear side
950 Alcantara seats
951 Alcantara/leather seats
970 Two-tone full leather interior
981 Leather dashboard and door panels
982 Centre part of seats in soft ruffled leather look
983 Leather seats
991 Leather covered steering wheel airbag
998 Natural leather
CCP Alu-look PCM, vent slats, AC panel
CCR Alu-look telephone handset
CDA Alu-look air vent slats
CDC Black painted door openers
CDD Alu-look Y-part on steering wheel
CDE Alu-look dashboard trim strip
CDF Alu-look gear lever column trim
CDJ Gear lever column strip painted in car color
CDM Dashboard trim painted in car color
CDN Air vent slats painted in car color
CDP Instrument frame painted in car color
CDZ Leather gear lever trim
CDT Leather covered seat belt buckles
CDW Leather covered Y-part on steering wheel
CEA Leather covered telephone handset
CED Carbon telephone handset
CEF Illuminated door pockets
CER Telephone handset painted in car color
CES MP3-player connector
CET Door opener trim painted in car color
CFA Leather covered Tiptronic gate
CFC Sycamore telephone handset
CFH Makassar telephone handset
CFP Aluminium gear lever with stitching in deviating color
CFX Leather edged individual floor mats
CGA Headlamp washer cover painted in car color
CJX Leather edged floor mats
CLA Thicker Alcantara steering wheel
CLE Alcantara dashboard trim strip
CLF Alcantara door details
CLG Alcantara storage compartment lid with PORSCHE
CMC Door openers painted in car color
CMF Black painted PCM
CMJ Black painted gear lever column trim
CMK Black painted door opener trim
CML Black painted telephone handset
CMM Black painted dashboard trim
CMN Black painted air vent slats
CMP Black painted instrument frame
CMX Decorative side stickers with model name
CNA Leather covered defroster trim
CNB Leather covered defroster vents
CNW Alu-look mirror lower parts
CPA Thicker steering wheel
CPT Storage bin lid with Porsche crest
CPU Leather key pouch
CRX Wheels painted in deviating color
CTG Leather door sills
CUA Door entry guards with personal logo
CUC Model designation painted in car color
CUF PCM, vent slats, AC panel painted in car color
CUJ Leather covered fuse box cover
CUR Leather covered PCM
CUT Leather covered A-pillar/windscreen frame
CUV Storage bin lid with model name
CVP Leather dashboard trim strip
CVV Leather two-tone sunvisors
CVW Leather covered mirror casing and mounting
CWV Leather covered instrument frame
CWW Alu-look instrument frame
CVY Leather covered clothes hooks on seat backrests
CXB Illuminated stainless steel door entry guards
CXC Individual illuminated stainless steel door entry guards
CXD Illuminated carbon door entry guards
CXE Individual illuminated carbon door entry guards
DAA Leather covered A-pillars
DAD Aluminium shift/handbrake levers
DAE Alu-look body parts
DAG Additional body parts painted in car color
DAT Alcantara gear/handbrake levers
DAU Alcantara Tiptronic/handbrake levers
DAV Tiptronic/handbrake lever leather color to sample
DAW Individual gear/handbrake levers, leather color to sample
DAX Individual gear/handbrake levers, leather color to sample
EBA Leather dashboard package extended
EBB Makassar dashboard package extended
EBC Sycamore dashboard package extended
EBD Carbon dashboard package extended
EBE Alu-look dashboard package
EBF Leather package
EBJ Alu-look door finishers
ECA Aluminium gear/handbrake levers
P01 Option package incl. 377 378
P03 Option package incl. 388 389
P04 Option package incl. 475 480
P12 Option package incl. 267 268
P15 Option package incl. 437 438
P23 Option package incl. 665 670
P74 Option package incl. 288 601
P77 Option package incl. 375 376
X45 Instrument dials in interior color
X46 Aluminium Tiptronic selector lever
X47 Carbon gear lever knob
X48 Carbon Tiptronic selector lever
X58 Carbon handbrake lever
X69 Carbon door entry guards with logo
X70 Stainless steel door entry guards with logo
X97 Gear lever knob with aluminium inlay
X98 Handbrake lever with aluminium inlay
X99 Natural leather interior
XAL SportDesign package
XCG Galvano Silver sports seat backrest
XCK Galvano Silver center console
XCL Galvano Silver instrument surround
XCM Galvano Silver roll-over bar
XCZ Short shifter
XD9 Wheels painted in body color
XES Preparation for illuminated door entry guards
XFD Beige instrument dials
XFE Terracotta instrument dials
XFF Brown instrument dials
XFG Red instrument dials
XFH Yellow instrument dials
XFJ White instrument dials
XJT Makassar center console
XJU Sycamore center console
XLA Polished stainless steel exhaust end
XLF Sports exhaust system
XME Centre console in car color
XMJ Carbon centre console
XMK Roll-over bar in car color
XMR Leather sun visors
XMZ Leather centre console
XNG Leather instrument surround
XNS Leather steering column
XPA Thicker steering wheel
XPD Carbon steering wheel
XPT Centre console storage bin lid with Porsche crest
XPV Alu-look multifunction steering wheel
XRP 5mm spacers for all wheels
XRR 19" Carrera Sport wheels
XSA Painted sports seat backrests
XSC Porsche crest embossed in headrest
XSH Silver gray seat belts
XSJ 6-point harness
XSW Blue seat belts
XSX Red seat belts
XSY Yellow seat belts
XTL Carbon door panel parts
XTT Makassar door panel parts
XTU Sycamore door panel parts
XTV Leather door panel parts
XTW Alu-look door panel parts
XUV Centre console storage bin lid with Porsche logo
XV1 Leather defroster trim
XVP Leather dashboard trim strip and cupholder cover
XVR Leather side/centre air vent
XX1 Leather edged floor mats with Porsche script
XXF Red tail lights
XXZ Footrest
Code Description