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Porsche 911 (MY 1994) (Type 993) – Equipment & Options Codes

Full list of Equipment & Option Codes Decoder for the 1994 Porsche 911

1994 porsche 911 option codes

Porsche Option Codes – Porsche 911 Type 993 (1994 Model Year)

Looking to decode your 1994 Porsche 911 option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your 1994 Porsche 911 service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for the full 1994 911 model lineup. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Important note: The option codes below are for all 1994 to 1995 model year Porsche 911s so you may see options that are not specific to the 1994 model year cars.

1994 MY Porsche 911 Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for all the Porsche 911s in 1994. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
001 Cup
002 Carrera RS or GT2 street version
003 Club Sport equipment
004 GT2
007 Carrera RS for Japan (with rear seats,, airbags)
018 Sports steering wheel with elevated hub 30 mm
020 Speedometer with two scales mph-km/h
024 Version For Greece
029 European specification standard suspension
030 Sports suspension
032 Touring suspension (higher suspension for USA)
033 Lowered suspension
034 Version for Italy
040 Sports suspension and Bridgestone tyres
049 Internal production code
050 Internal production code
058 Impact absorbers front and rear
061 Version for Great Britain
062 Version for Sweden
063 Version for Luxembourg
064 Version for Netherlands
065 Version for Denmark
066 Version for Norway
067 Version for Finland
068 Version for Thailand
069 Other country version
071 EU country version
111 Version for Austria
113 Version for Canada
114 Version for Taiwan
119 Version for Spain
124 Version for France
126 Control and indications in French
127 Control and indications in Swedish
130 Control and indications in English
139 Seat heating, left
185 Rear 2-point seat belts, automatic
186 Rear 2-point seat belts, manual
193 Version for Japan
197 Stronger battery
210 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
211 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
215 Version for Saudi Arabia
218 Licence plate space America and Asia-Pacific
219 Regular differential (without limited slip)
220 LSD Limited Slip Differential with 40% lock
224 ABD Automatic Braking Differential (Traction control)
225 Version for Belgium
22 Internal production code related to tyres
233 Internal production code (change of tyre manufacturer on production line)
235 N2 tyres made specially for Porsche
236 Internal production code related to tyres
237 Internal production code related to tyres
240 For countries having inferior fuel qualities/dd>
241 Internal production code related to tyres
249 Tiptronic transmission, 4-speed
277 Version for Switzerland
288 Headlamp washer
320 Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-11
323 Sticker, without ECE-regulations
324 Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-10
325 Version for South Africa and New Zealand
326 Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-21
329 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 48 or Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-210
330 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46 or Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-31
331 Cassette-radio Becker Porsche CR-1
333 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Paris RCR 41
334 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Bremen RCM 43
335 Rear automatic 3-point seat belts
336 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Düsseldorf RCR 84
337 Without transport protection
338 Rear wheel drive
339 4-wheel drive
340 Seat heating, right
371 Carrera RS/GT2 sports seat, left, manually adjustable
372 Carrera RS/GT2 sports seat, right, manually adjustable
373 Newer type sports seat, left, height electrically adjustable
374 Newer type sports seat, right, height electrically adjustable
379 Standard seat, left, electrical height adjustment
380 Standard seat, right, electrical height adjustment
381 Standard seat, left, manually adjustable
382 Standard seat, right, manually adjustable
383 Sports seat, left, electrical height adjustment
384 Leather bucket seat, left
385 Leather bucket seat, right
387 Sports seat, right, electrical height adjustment
388 Cloth bucket seat, left
397 16" wheels
398 17" wheels
401 18” racing wheels
405 18" Carrera RS/GT2 wheels
408 18" Technology wheels (lightweight hollow spoke)
413 18" Turbo-look (Technology-look) wheels (not hollow spoke)
419 Luggage compartment instead of rear seats
423 Holder for cassettes and coins
425 Rear window wiper
426 Without rear window wiper
432 Tiptronic buttons for steering wheel
433 Atiwe 3-spoke steering wheel
434 Work instructions for cars for overseas
435 Momo steering wheel
437 8-way electrical seat, left
438 8-way electrical seat, right
439 Electric top
441 Radio preparation
445 Wheel caps (Steel Grey) with colored Porsche crest
451 Without preparation for radio
454 Automatic speed control
455 Wheel locks
459 Strut bar
467 Driver side mirror convex, electrically heatable and adjustable
470 Carrera RS rear spoiler
471 Carrera RS Club Sport rear spoiler
479 Version for Australia
480 Manual gearbox, 6-speed
484 USA symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
487 Control for fog lights with side marker lights
488 Stickers in German
490 Sound system
492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
493 Narrow body
498 Without model designation on rear end
499 Version for Germany
513 Lumbar support, right seat
520 Interior monitoring
529 Immobilizer 315MHz
530 Immobilizer
534 Alarm
544 75-litre fuel tank
545 92-litre fuel tank
551 Wind deflector
553 Version for USA, Canada
561 Driver airbag
562 Front airbags
564 Without airbags
566 Front fog lights
567 Top-tinted windscreen
573 Air conditioner
576 Without rear fog lamp
57U TT CARS material protection
586 Lumbar support, left seat
599 Rear window/roof spoiler
601 Litronic (xenon) headlamps
602 Araised stop lamp
605 Headlight levelling system
611 Preparation for Nokia telephone
614 Preparation for Motorola telephone
615 Dock for the Nokia phone
616 Without telephone
617 Motorola International 2200 GSM telephone
630 Police equipiment
631 Child seat detection connector
632 Internal production code
650 Sun-moon-roof
651 Electric windows
656 Without power steering
657 Power steering
659 Board computer
660 OBD 2 On-Board Diagnostics
661 Stricter emission-control concept
680 Nokia DSP (Digital Sound Processing) audio system
685 Rear seats
686 CD-radio Becker Porsche CDR-21
687 CD-radio Blaupunkt München RD 104
688 CD-radio Becker Porsche CDR-210 USA
692 6-disc CD changer Becker Porsche CDC-3
693 CD-radio Blaupunkt London RDM 42
694 CD-radio Apline 7807/dd>
706 Internal production code
718 Equipped with the next model year VIN (the car is older than the VIN shows)
740 Exhibition vehicle
900 Accession of the car at the factory
912 Without European ID plate
936 Leather rear seats
937 Leatherette rear seats
938 Cloth rear seats
939 Pleated leather rear seats
946 Leather front seats with leatherette rear side
975 Luggage compartment velour carpet
981 Leather dashboard and door panels
982 Pleated leather front seats
983 Leather front seats
990 Seat covers, front, cloth/cloth/leatherette
E01 Light Rootwood package incl. X17 X86
E02 Dark Rootwood package incl. X18 X87
E03 Leather package incl. XN3 XN4 XNA XV1 XV2
E04 Leather package incl. XJ4 XM5 XM7 XM9 XV7 XW3 XW4 XW5 XZ4
E05 Light Rootwood package incl. X31 XC8
E06 Dark Rootwood package incl. X32 XC9
E07 Color to sample leather package incl. XK7 XN7
E08 Light Rootwood package incl. X25 X31
E09 Dark Rootwood package incl. X24 X32
E10 Color to sample leather package incl. XJ8 XN7
E11 Color to sample leather package incl. X43 XF6
E13 Leather package incl. XV4 XV5 XV6
E14 Leather package for Coupé incl. XP6 XV9 XW1 XW2
E16 Leather package incl. XN1 XP9 XW6 XW8 XW9 XZ7
E21 Aerokit package incl. X61 XAC
E22 Aerokit package incl. X61 X76 XAC
P14 Options bundle incl. 139 340
P15 Options bundle incl. 437 438
P31 Sports chassis and 17" wheels
P32 Sports chassis and 18" wheels
P39 Digital Sound Package
P49 Digital Audio System
TT1 Options bundle incl. 249 432
Z02 Open tray instead of cassette storage
Z05 Leather roofliner, color to sample
Z06 Deviating color steering wheel
Z07 Deviating color velour trunk carpet
Z08 Deviating color velour trunk carpet (CD changer version)
Z09 Leather welting
Z10 Carpet welting leatherette
Z11 Leather carpet welting
Z21 Deviating seat stitching (front seats only on Cabriolet; all seats on others)
Z23 Deviating door handle stitching
Z24 Deviating dashboard stitching
Z25 Deviating center console stitching
Z26 Deviating door storage top stitching
Z27 Leather roofliner
Z28 Deviating color roofliner and sunvisors
Z31 Leather covered kneebar
Z35 Deviating color leather covered kneebar
Z41 Exterior color Pearl White Metallic
Z42 Deviating color door panels (leather), armrest lids and handles (leatherette)
Z43 Deviating color door panels (leather), armrest lids and handles (leather)
Z44 Deviating color door panels (leatherette), armrest lids and handles (leatherette)
Z45 Deviating color seat inlays (leather)
Z46 Deviating color front seat inlays (leather)
Z47 Deviating color rear seat inlays (leatherette)
Z49 Colored seat belts, front
Z50 Colored seat belts (red or yellow)
Z51 Deviating color seats
Z53 Head restraints w/Porsche crest
Z65 Deviating color dash, kneebar, window sills, backwall top section (leatherette)
Z69 Deviating color carpet
Z70 Deviating color carpet (earlier model year colors)
Z79 Deviating color A&B pillars
Z80 Leather A pillar and window frame
Z81 Leather A/B pillar
Z86 Deviating color dashboard
Z95 Painted brake calipers
ZM7 Leather glove box knob
X09 Leather covered special centre console "C"
X17 Light Rootwood dashboard trim
X18 Dark Rootwood dashboard trim
X19 Leather covered dashboard trim, color to sample
X24 Dark Rootwood Tiptronic shifter
X25 Light Rootwood Tiptronic shifter
X26 Leather covered steering wheel airbag module
X28 Light Rootwood steering wheel, leather covered airbag module
X30 Dark Rootwood steering wheel, leather covered airbag module
X31 Light Rootwood parking brake lever
X32 Dark Rootwood parking brake lever
X34 Leather covered instrument rings and painted dials
X40 Leather sunvisors with passenger side lamp
X43 Leather cover for centre console button panels
X44 Euroline phone antenna
X45 Instrument dials in interior color
X46 Aluminium Tiptronic selector lever
X47 Carbon gear lever knob
X49 Handbag with make-up mirror case painted in car color
X51 3.8-litre engine 210 kW
X52 Leather covered CD storage
X53 CD storage behind hand brake lever
X54 Stainless steel tailpipes, oval
X56 Carbon dashboard trim
X57 Carbon door panel trim
X58 Carbon handbrake lever
X61 Exclusive front spoiler add-on parts
X62 Exclusive rear wing
X67 Leather seat package
X70 Stainless steel door entry guards with model logo
X71 Alu-look instrument dials with chromed rings
X72 Light Rootwood gear lever knob
X73 Lowered sports suspension for Turbo
X76 Exclusive side skirts
X77 Carbon steering wheel, leather covered airbag module
X78 Front spoiler air intakes with daytime driving lights
X79 Side air vents on rear wings
X86 Light Rootwood door trim
X87 Dark Rootwood door trim
X89 Wheel caps painted in car color (with XD9)
X91 Light Rootwood handbrake lever
X97 Aluminium shift knob
X98 Aluminium parking brake lever
XAC Rear spoiler with brake light
XC3 Hardtop
XC8 Light Rootwood shifter
XC9 Dark Rootwood shifter
XD1 Aerokit front spoiler
XD2 Aerokit rear spoiler
XD3 Rain sensor
XD4 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest
XD7 Strut brace
XD9 Wheel spokes painted in body color
XE3 Automatically dimming interior mirror
XE7 Additional oil cooler in front (only for cars with manual gearbox)
XE8 Dark Rootwood gear lever knob
XE9 Dark Rootwood handbrake lever
XEA Leather cover for telephone handset (only with XEB)
XEB Handset for Nokia 2110i
XEF High-end navigation system (only with X09)
XEG Radio with navigation system
XF5 Leather covered instrument rings
XF6 Leather covered panel of the centre console (under handbrake lever)
XF7 Leather cover for tray or cassette slots behind parking brake
XJ4 Leather covered ignition lock plate
XJ5 Leather covered ignition key
XJ6 Leather covered steering column casing
XJ8 Shift lever leather color to sample
XK7 Shift lever leather color to sample
XK8 Custom shift knob
XM5 Leather control knobs
XM7 Leather covered glove box knob
XM9 Leather turn signal/wiper switch
XMA Leather rooflining
XMB Leather sunvisors, illuminated make-up mirror, reading light
XN1 Leather covered window switches
XN2 Leather covered door openers
XN3 Leather dash vents & covers
XN4 Leather covered center fresh air vents
XN7 Handbrake lever leather color to sample
XN8 Leather sun visors
XN9 Leather sunvisors, make up mirror illuminated
XNA Leather covered kneebar
XP3 Leather cabriolet top cover
XP6 Leather covered front seatbelt housings
XP9 Leather covered speaker covers
XR3 Leather covered seat hinges
XR6 Leather covered front backrest lock control
XR7 Rear window washer jet
XRA 17" SportClassic wheels
XRB 18" SportClassic 2-piece wheels
XRC Black brake calipers
XRD Red brake calipers
XRE Silver brake calipers
XRF Yellow brake calipers
XRG 18" Technology wheels with special paint
XZ4 Leather covered glove box lock rosette
XZ7 Leather covered mirror adjustment switch and surround
XV1 Leather ventilation cover
XV2 Leather covered side air vents covers
XV3 Leather covered AC/heater control cover
XV4 Leather covered heat adjustment controls
XV5 Leather covered seat controls
XV6 Leather covered seat adjustment frame
XV7 Leather covered fuel tank pull knob
XV9 Leather seat belt B-pillar covers
XW1 Leather covered seat belt rosettes
XW2 Leather covered rear seat belt housings
XW3 Leather covered rear window wiper switch
XW4 Leather covered light switch
XW5 Leather covered wiper/instrument light knob
XW6 Leather covered door lock rosettes
XW8 Leather covered caps
XW9 Leather covered entrance panel covers
XX1 Leather edged floor mats with Porsche script
XX2 Illuminated footwell
XX3 Door storage compartment lights
XX6 Leather covered shift lever pattern insert
XY5 Leather covered Tiptronic selector gate
Y01 Aerokit package for Coupé incl. X61 X62
Y02 Aerokit package for Coupé incl. X61 X62 X76
Y06 Aluminium package incl. X97 X98
Y07 Light Rootwood package incl. X72 X91
Y08 Dark Rootwood package incl. XE8 XE9
Y09 Light Rootwood package incl. X17 X25 X28 X31
Y10 Dark Rootwood package incl. X18 X24 X30 X32
Y17 Leather package incl. XF6 XF7 XN7 XP6 XW2
Y23 Aluminium package incl. X46 X98
Y29 Aluminum-chrome package incl. X54 X70 X71
Y59 Light Rootwood package incl. X17 X28 X31 XC8
Y60 Dark Rootwood package incl. X18 X30 X32 XC9
Y62 Light Rootwood package incl. X25 X31
Y63 Dark Rootwood package incl. X24 X32
Y65 Leather package incl. XN3 XN4 XV1 XV2
Y66 Leather package incl. XN1 XN2 XP9 XW6 XW8 XZ7
Y67 Leather package incl. XR3 XR6 XV4 XV5 XV6
Y75 Aerokit package for widebody cars incl. XD1 XD2
Code Description