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Porsche Panamera (MY 2011) – Equipment & Options Codes

Full list of Equipment & Option Codes Decoder for the 2011 Porsche Panamera

2011 Porsche Panamera Option Codes

Porsche Option Codes – Porsche Panamera (2011 Model Year)

Looking to decode your 2011 Porsche Panamera option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your 2011 Porsche Panamera service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for the full 2011 Panamera model lineup. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Important note: The option codes below are for all 2010 to 2016 model year Porsche Panameras (all Type 970 1st generation variants) so you may see options that are not specific to the 2011 model year cars.

2011 MY Porsche Panamera Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for all the Porsche Panameras in 2011. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
015 GTS
016 Turbo S
017 Basic equipment
021 Black/Silver instrument dials
022 Black instrument dials
023 Silver instrument dials
024 Version for Greece
025 Black faced stopwatch
026 Silver faced stopwatch
029 Standard chassis
032 Touring suspension (higher suspension for USA)
033 Panamera Edition version
034 Version for Italy
049 Internal production code
051 Internal production code
058 Impact absorbers, front and rear
061 Version for Great Britain
062 Version for Sweden
063 Version Luxemburg
064 Version for Netherlands
065 Version for Denmark
066 Version for Norway
067 Version for Finland
068 Right-hand drive version for Asia Pacific
069 Other country version
070 Pedestrian protection
071 EU country version
072 Version for Mexico
073 Version for Russia
074 Left-hand drive version for Asia Pacific
075 Version for China
080 80-litre fuel tank
081 100-litre fuel tank
098 Left-hand drive version
099 Right-hand drive version
0E1 Short wheelbase
0E2 Long wheelbase
111 Version for Austria
113 Version for Canada
114 Version for Taiwan
119 Version for Spain
124 Version for France
126 Control and indications in French
127 Control and indications in Swedish
130 Control and indications in English
144 3.0V6 bi-turbo, high compression ratio, 309 kW
158 Emissions concept EU3, diesel with EOBD
160 Emissions concept EU 4 w/o OBD
161 Emissions concept EU 4 with OBD
162 Emissions concept LEV-2
164 Emissions concept ULEV 2
165 Emissions concept EU 5
167 Emissions concept EU4, ethanol
170 Interior noise suppression acoustic package RoW (Rest of World)
171 Interior noise suppression acoustic package USA, Canada
172 Interior noise suppression acoustic package Asia Pacific
176 Sports exhaust system
180 Internal production code
181 Standard climatic zones
182 Hot country version
183 Super-hot country version
186 Tailpipe trims for Turbo S sports exhaust system
189 Internal production code
190 Internal production code
193 Version for Japan
195 Battery 70 Ah
196 Battery 80 Ah
197 Stronger battery
199 Battery disconnection switch
1T0 Without first aid kit and warning triangle
1T2 Warning triangle
1T3 First aid kit and warning triangle
1Z0 Initial standard fuel filling
1Z5 Increase in initial standard fuel filling
1Z6 Increase in initial standard fuel filling
1Z7 Increase in initial standard fuel filling
200 Battery 95 Ah
201 Battery 105 Ah
206 Electrically extendable trailer hitch
209 Licence plate bracket for Japan and other countries
210 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
211 Licence plate space Europe and RoW (Rest of World)
213 Ski bag
215 Version for Saudi Arabia
216 Preparation for tow bar system
218 Licence plate space America and Asia-Pacific
219 No Porsche Torque Vectoring, no differential lock
220 PTV Porsche Torque Vectoring incl. LSD Limited Slip Differential with 40% lock
221 PTV+ Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, el. controlled rear-diff. Lock
225 Version for Belgium
230 18" summer tyres (245/50, 275/45)
231 19" summer tyres (255/45, 285/40)
232 20" summer tyres (255/40, 295/35)
234 20" all season tyres
235 19" all season tyres (255/45, 285/40)
236 Internal production code related to tyres
237 19" all-season tyres with optimized rolling resistance
249 Tiptronic transmission, 8-speed
250 PDK Porsche Doppelkupplung 7-speed gearbox
258 Electrically retractable mirrors
259 Electrically retractable mirrors in comb. with memory
260 Electrically retractable mirrors with automatic dimming
261 Electrically retractable mirrors with automatic dimming in comb. with memory
263 Left exterior mirror glass flat
264 Left exterior mirror glass convex
265 Left exterior mirror glass aspherical
268 Rain sensor
274 Illuminated vanity mirror
275 Manual anti-dazzle interior mirror
276 Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
277 Version for Switzerland
284 Right exterior mirror glass convex
285 Right exterior mirror glass aspherical
288 Headlamp washer
290 Internal production code
291 Internal production code
301 Longer transmission ratio
325 Version for South Africa/New Zealand
338 Rear-wheel drive
339 4-wheel drive
342 Heated seats, front
343 Heated seats front and rear
345 Heated steering wheel
350 Air suspension and PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management
351 Air suspension and PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management (in comb. with PDCC)
354 Air suspension and PASM Comfort
367 8-way electrical standard seat, left
368 8-way electrical standard seat, right
379 14-way electrical seat, left
380 14-way electrical seat, right
381 Standard seat upholstery
382 Vertical seat adjustment, left
383 Vertical seat adjustment, right
390 18-way electrical adaptive sports seat, left
391 18-way electrical adaptive sports seat, right
3M0 Without special measures
410 18" Panamera wheels
413 18" Panamera S wheels
415 19" Panamera Turbo wheels
416 19" Panamera Design wheels
417 20" RS Spyder Design wheels
418 20" wheels with 997 Turbo 3.8 design
425 Rear window wiper
426 Without rear window wiper
429 20" 991 Turbo design wheels
434 Work instructions for cars for overseas
436 19" Panamera Sport Design wheels
440 Windscreen antenna
444 Wheel locks (approved by Thatcham Research)
446 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest
447 Emergency wheel
450 PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes
454 Automatic speed control
456 ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
457 LCA Lane Change Assist
458 LDW Lane Departure Warning
462 Warning system feature: lower (comfort) tyre pressures allowed up to 270 km/h
463 Warning system feature: lower (comfort) tyre pressures allowed up to 100 mph (USA)
464 Warning system feature: lower (comfort) tyre pressures allowed with low speed (USA)
465 Rear fog light, left
466 Rear fog light, right
471 19" 970.2 Turbo wheels
475 PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management
476 PSM Porsche Stability Management
479 Version for Australia
480 Manual gearbox, 6-speed
482 TPM Tyre Pressure Monitoring 433MHz
483 TPM Tyre Pressure Monitoring 315MHz
484 USA symbols and lettering for switches and instruments
488 Stickers in German
490 Sound system A.S.K.
492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
498 Without model designation on rear end
499 Version for Germany
4SV Vanity mirror in rear left
4TV Vanity mirror in rear right
501 Car cover
509 Fire extinguisher
516 model designation Panamera GTS
518 Black rear spoiler
519 Silver rear spoiler
521 Tilt sensor
523 Immobiliser, 434 MHz
524 Immobilizer, central locking, 433 MHz
525 Immobilizer, central locking, 315 MHz
534 Alarm 433 MHz
535 Alarm 315 MHz
536 Alarm siren
537 Seat memory, left
538 Seat memory, right
539 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, left
540 Mechanical seat-height adjustment, right
541 Seat ventilation, front
542 Seat ventilation front and rear
544 Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring, 433 MHz
545 Anti-theft protection without infrared monitoring, 315 MHz
549 Roof rack
553 Version for USA, Canada
555 Black seat belts
556 Seat belts in standard color
560 Knee airbag
562 Front airbags
563 Side airbags
565 Airbags in rear seat backrest
566 Fog lights
567 Top-tinted windscreen
569 Standard side skirts painted in car color
571 Activated charcoal filter
573 2-zone air conditioning (in front only)
576 4-zone air conditioning
581 Luggage net on passenger's side
585 Cupholders
592 Standard fabric rooflining
594 Alcantara rooflining
597 Aluminium outer door sill guards
598 Aluminium door entry guards
5K0 Without surface protection, with additional transit coating
5K2 Transport protection cover (shrinking system) with additional transport protection measures
5K7 Transport protection film (minimum protection) with additional transport protection measures
601 Xenon
602 LED headlights with PDLS+ Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (dynamic high beam)
603 Xenon + PDLS Porsche Dynamic Light System
604 Xenon + PDLS Porsche Dynamic Light System, Turbo (LED daytime lights in 4-dot design)
605 LED daytime driving lights
606 Daytime driving lights
607 Garage door opener 315 MHz
608 Garage door opener 433 MHz
610 DVD navigation Europe
611 DVD navigation South Africa
612 DVD navigation Middle East
613 DVD navigation Australia
614 DVD navigation Asia-Pacific
615 DVD navigation North America
616 DVD navigation Russia
617 DVD navigation China
619 Bluetooth
620 Black design headlights
621 12V socket in passenger side footwell
625 Porsche Entry & Drive keyless system
626 Additional charging cradle for telephone handset in rear
627 Static AHBA Automatic High Beam Assist
630 Rear interior lights package
631 TSR Traffic Sign Recognition
632 Black design headlights with PDLS+ Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (dynamic high beam)
633 ParkAssist front and rear + real Topview
634 ParkAssist front and rear, with camera (LOW)
635 ParkAssist rear
636 ParkAssist front and rear (without camera)
637 ParkAssist rear, with camera
638 ParkAssist front and rear, with camera
639 Sport Chrono, Japan version
640 Sport Chrono
641 Electronic logbook
642 Start/Stop function
644 Central locking button in rear
645 Master control button in rear for front seat adjustment
647 Manually adjustable steering column, without electric steering wheel lock (USA)
648 Electrically adjustable steering column with memory, without electric steering wheel lock (USA)
650 Sun-moon-roof
652 Without sun-moon-roof
655 Manually adjustable steering column
656 Electrically adjustable steering column with memory
657 Power steering without servotronic
658 Servotronic speed-dependent power steering
661 Stricter emission-control concept
663 Fuel pump control
664 ORVR Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery
665 PCM Porsche Communication Management touchscreen incl. radio
666 Telephone module for PCM
669 Cordless telephone handset
671 Voice control
672 Navigation module for PCM
673 Navigation system preparation (China)
674 Preparation for Vehicle Tracking System
675 Without radio preparation (Japan navigation system)
676 TV tuner
677 Driver card antenna
678 Alarm system connection
679 Restart inhibitor
680 Bose sound system
682 Burmester high-end sound system
686 SAT radio reception XM (SDARS)
688 HD radio reception
689 Preparation for CD changer
690 CD radio "Porsche Online Pro"
691 DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting radio reception
692 CD changer for cars without PCM
693 CD/DVD changer for cars with PCM
696 CD-radio Porsche CDR 31
701 Springs of the next lowest weight group
708 Internal production code
70A Weight group 1, front axle ( -950 kg)
70B Weight group 2, front axle (951-965 kg)
70C Weight group 3, front axle (966-980 kg)
70D Weight group 4, front axle (981-995 kg)
70E Weight group 5, front axle (996-1025 kg)
70F Weight group 6, front axle (1026-1055 kg)
70Z Without weight group specification for front axle
712 PDCC Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and rear differential lock
714 Internal production code related to chassis
715 PDCC Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and PTV+ Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus
71A Weight group 1, rear axle ( -880 kg)
71B Weight group 2, rear axle (881-905 kg)
71C Weight group 3, rear axle (906-930 kg)
71D Weight group 4, rear axle (931-960 kg)
71Z Without weight group specification rear axle
736 Internal production code
73C Charging cable with industrial connector NEMA 6-50
73H Charging cable with industrial connector CEE 32A / 230V / 6h
73J Charging cable with industrial connector CEE 16A / 400V / 6h
73K Charging cable with industrial connector CEE 32A / 400V / 6h
741 Introductory vehicle for journalists
742 Internal production code
744 Internal production code
745 Internal production code
750 Model year 2010
760 Without VTS Vehicle Tracking System preparation
762 Market launch or dealer demo car
780 Internal production code
781 Internal production code
785 Internal production code
786 Internal production code
787 Auto Stop & Start memory (last mode used)
789 Color to sample
7G9 PCC Porsche Car Connect, preparation for vehicle tracking system
7I2 PCC Porsche Car Connect incl. PVTS+ Porsche Vehicle Tracking System Plus
7MM Emission standard EU6 plus
806 Black exterior trim
810 Floor mats
817 Piano Black interior trim
818 Aluminium interior trim
819 Carbon interior trim
821 Dark walnut interior trim
822 Tineo wood interior trim
823 Anthracite Birch interior trim
824 Natural olive interior trim
830 Rear seats without power, 40/60 folding
831 Rear sports seats without power, 40/60 folding
832 Rear seats without power, 40/20/40 folding
833 Rear sports seats without power, 40/20/40 folding
834 8-way power rear seats, 40/20/40 folding
835 8-way power rear sports seats, 40/20/40 folding
836 8-way power rear seats in comb.with large center console, 40/40 folding
838 Large rear center console
840 SportDesign steering wheel (paddle shift with PDK)
841 Standard steering wheel
842 Dark Walnut multifunction heated steering wheel
843 Alcantara SportDesign steering wheel
844 Multifunction steering wheel
845 Carbon multifunction heated steering wheel
848 Anthracite Birch multifunction heated steering wheel
849 Tineo multifunction heated steering wheel
850 Parking heater w/o remote control
851 Parking heater with remote control
852 High beam assist, PDLS+ Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus
853 Internal production code
854 Internal production code
856 Rear 5 mm wheel spacers
861 Electric roll-up blind on rear side windows
862 Electric roll-up blind on rear window
863 Heat-insulating glass
864 Privacy heat-insulating glass
865 Heat-insulating glass
866 Privacy heat-insulating glass
867 Electrical rear lid
868 Roll-up blind for luggage compartment cover
869 Rear shelf (fixed luggage cover)
870 Universal multimedia interface
874 Horns for extreme driving situations
885 Soft close doors
890 Folding table, left
891 Folding table, right
899 Isofix child-seat restraint for front passenger seat
8GZ Without generator (hybrid car)
900 Accession of the car at Porsche in Stuttgart
912 Without European ID plate
932 Rear seat covers in Alcantara/leather
936 Seat covers, rear, leather
937 Seat covers, rear, leatherette
938 Leather rear seats with leatherette rear side
939 Seat covers, rear, draped leather
940 Seat covers rear, ruff.leather/leather/leatherette Soft ruffled leather, embossed
941 Seat covers rear, ruffled leather/leather/leather Soft ruffled leather, smooth finish
943 Leather rear seats
946 Leather front seats with leatherette rear side
947 Soft ruffled leather seat middle parts (in comb.with leatherette dashboard)
950 Alcantara seat covers
951 Seat covers Alcantara/leather/leather
970 Two-tone interior
971 Toro embossed leather
975 Alcantara interior
981 Leather dashboard and door panels
982 Soft ruffled leather seats (in comb.with leather dashboard)
983 Leather front seats
985 Seat covers, leather/leather/leatherette, 2
990 Seat covers, front, cloth/cloth/leatherette
991 Leather covered steering wheel airbag
998 Natural leather
9G1 Alternator 220 A
9Z2 Plug socket 115 V/60 Hz
9Z3 Plug socket 230 V/50 Hz
CAR Air intake grilles painted black
CBZ Yachting Mahogany gear selector
CBX Aluminium gear selector
CBY Carbon gear selector
CDN Air vent slats painted in car color
CDV Leather dashboard end trims
CDY Leather dashboard cover
CEG LED interior lighting package
CEL LED interior lighting package
CEU Rear Seat Entertainment
CFX Leather edged individual floor mats
CGA Headlight washers painted in car color
CGG Red Sport Chrono dial
CGJ White Sport Chrono dial
CGZ Leather fixed luggage compartment cover
CHA Leather package extended
CHB Dark walnut roof grab handles
CHS Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment Plus
CLA Thicker Alcantara steering wheel
CLH Alcantara PDK gear selector
CLU Steering wheel stitching in contrasting color
CMB Leather sun visors
CNF Air intake grilles painted in car color
CNG Rear apron lower part painted in car color
CNL Mirror lower trims painted in car color
CNR Rear apron lower central part painted in car color
CNZ Air outlet grilles painted in car color
CPE Leather key pouch
CPK Key painted in car color
CPU Leather key pouch
CRP Spacers for rear axle, 5 mm
CZB Anthracite birch roof grab handles
CZC Carbon roof grab handles
CZE Walnut roof grab handles
CZF Tineo roof grab handles
CZG Natural olive roof grab handles
CZH Yachting Mahogany roof grab handles
CZJ Leather roof grab handles
CZK Refrigerator in the rear
CZL Leather front seat console
CZP Leather front and rear seat consoles
CZT Beige Sport Chrono dial
CZU Leather edged personalised luggage space mat
CZV Leather air vent slats
CZW Leather dashboard trim
CZY Interior trim painted in car color
CTG Leather door sills
CUF PCM painted in car color
CUR Leather covered PCM
CWK Key painted in car color
CWN Yachting Mahogany door sill guards
CWP Leather steering wheel column casing
CVW Leather covered mirror casing and mounting
CXD Illuminated carbon door entry guards
CXE Individual illuminated carbon door entry guards
CXG Carbon door entry guards
CXH illuminated personalised aluminium door sill guards
CXJ Illuminated aluminium door entry guards
CXK Wireless internet
CXR Contrasting decorative stitching, basic
CXS Contrasting decorative stitching, seats
CXT Contrasting leather, armrests
CXU Contrasting leather, seat centres
CXX Porsche Exclusive
D51 3.0V6 TDI, 184 kW
DJ5 3.0V6 TDI, 220 kW
EFA Aluminium pedals and footrest
EH1 Standard length charging cable
EH2 Charging cable 7.5 metres
EPA Exterior trim painted in car color, extended package
EPB Exterior trim painted in black high-gloss, extended package
ES1 Charging socket, AC type 1, mode 2-3 (North America, Japan)
ES3 Charging socket, AC type 2, mode 2-3 (EU)
EV1 Household charging cable, type E/F
EV3 Household charging cable, type J
EV4 Household charging cable, type G
EV5 Household charging cable, type B
IY1 Production between week 22 and 45
IY2 Production between week 45 and 22
KB1 3.6 kW battery charger
KB2 7.2 kW battery charger
NJ2 Flush-mountable wall charging dock
P23 Options bundle incl. 665 672 870
P40 Options bundle incl. 680 690
P42 Options bundle incl. Burmester audio
P46 Options bundle incl. 541 633 648
P47 Options bundle Premium
P80 Options bundle incl. 379 380 537 538
P7Q Internal production code
P81 Options bundle Adaptive sports seats with memory
P86 Options bundle incl. 890 891
QR3 Analogue clock on dashboard
S9Y Accession of the car at Leipzig factory
SM4 Fuel market A
SM5 Fuel market B
SM6 Fuel market C
SP0 Internal production code
STU TT CARS material protection
SW5 Scope from Exclusive Custom Tailoring program
UN0 Without internet
UN1 Internet
UX5 Standard tire inflation valves
UX6 Tire inflation valves TPM, silver
UX7 Tire inflation valves TPM, black
V0A Tires w/o specification of tire brand
X69 Carbon door entry guards
X80 Turbo WLS powerkit 397 kW or Turbo S 404 kW
XAP SportDesign front spoiler and side sills, rear under valance painted
XAR SportDesign side skirts
XEP Preparation for Rear Seat Entertainment
XES Preparation for illuminated door entry guards
XET Preparation for coolbox in rear
XEX Black design headlights
XEY Black design LED headlights incl. Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS+)
XFG Red instrument dials
XFJ White instrument dials
XFL Beige instrument dials
XHA Leather package extended
XLF Sports exhaust system
XLP Black twin rounded exhaust pipes on both sides
XLR Twin rounded exhaust pipes on both sides
XRU 20" Sport Classic wheels
XRW 20" Panamera Sport wheels
XRX 20" Panamera Sport wheels painted in car color
XRY 20" Panamera Sport wheels painted black
XRZ 20" Sport Classic wheels painted black
XSH Silver gray seat belts
XSX Red seat belts
XUF SportDesign rear apron
XUJ Air outlet grilles painted in car color
XZZ Mahogany Yachting multifunction steering wheel
XZY Mahogany Yachting interior trim
XXC Illuminated aluminium door entry guards
XXD Illuminated carbon door entry guards
XXP Dark tail lights
XXV Aluminium pedals and footrest
XYA Aluminium PDK selector lever
XYB Alu-look fuel tank cap
XYR Porsche crest on front armrest
XYS Model name on front armrest
XYT Porsche crest on front and rear armrests
XYU Model name on front and rear armrests
XYV Porsche crest on front headrests
XYW Porsche crest on front and rear headrests
XZR Porsche Exclusive
XZS Porsche Exclusive
Code Description