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Porsche 944 (MY 1989) – Equipment & Options Codes

Full list of Equipment & Option Codes Decoder for the 1989 Porsche 944

Porsche Option Codes – Porsche 944 (1989 Model Year)

Looking to decode your 1989 Porsche 944 option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your 1989 Porsche 944 service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes for the full 1989 Porsche 944 model lineup. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Important note: The option codes below are for all 1989 to 1991 model year Porsche 944s so you may see options that are not specific to the 1989 model year cars.

1989 Porsche 944 Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for all the Porsche 944 variants in 1989. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
018 Elevated hub steering wheel
027 Version for California
030 Sports suspension
031 Standard supension with Sachs dampers
034 Version for Italy
036 Bumpers with impact absorbers, America
058 Bumpers with impact absorbers
061 Version for Great Britain
062 Version for Sweden
063 Version for Luxembourg
111 Version for Austria
113 Version for Canada
114 Version for Taiwan
119 Version for Spain
124 Version for France
126 Control and indications in French
127 Control and indications in Swedish
130 Control and indications in English
139 Seat heating, left
150 Operates with leaded gas (no catalyst)
157 Catalytic converter
158 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Reno SQR 46
160 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Charleston SQR 26
164 215/60-15 tyres instead of 195/65-15
185 Rear 2-point seat belts, automatic
186 Rear 2-point seat belts, manual
190 Doors with safety bars
193 Version for Japan
195 Preparation for mobile phone
197 Stronger battery (63Ah, with M198/LHD 64Ah, with M198/RHD 75Ah, instead of 50Ah)
198 Stronger starter (1.7 kW instead of 1.4 kW)
215 Version for Saudi Arabia
220 LSD Limited Slip Differential with 40% lock
225 Version for Belgium, engine marked -B-
249 Automatic transmission
261 Passenger side mirror flat (electrically adjustable and heatable)
277 Version for Switzerland
288 Headlamp washer
298 Prepared for unleaded fuel (catalyst, fuel filler neck), manual transmission car
299 Prepared for unleaded fuel (catalyst, fuel filler neck), automatic transmission car
325 Version for South Africa/New Zealand
326 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Berlin IQR 88
328 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46
329 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 48
330 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46
335 Rear 3-point seat belts
340 Seat heating, right
341 Central locking system
347 16" Flatdish forged wheels, platinum anodized
379 Standard seat, left, electrical height adjustment
380 Standard seat, right, electrcal height adjustment
383 Sports seat, left, electrical height adjustment
387 Sports seat, right, electrical height adjustment
393 16" Club Sport forged wheels
394 16" Magnesium Phone dial wheels, 8+9"
395 16" Flatdish forged wheels made by Fuchs
400 16" Design 90 wheels
404 Anti-roll bars front and rear
412 Engine oil cooler
414 External transmission oil cooler
418 Side protection mouldings
423 Holder for cassettes and coins
424 Automatic heating control
425 Rear window wiper
429 Fog lamps (white)
430 Fog lamps (yellow)
431 363 mm 4-spoke H steering wheel
434 Work instructions for cars for overseas
437 8-way electrical seat, left
438 8-way electrical seat, right
449 Emergency wheel (aluminium)
454 Automatic speed control
455 Wheel locks
458 16" Phone dial wheels, 7+8"
462 Securiflex windscreen
466 2nd rear fog lamp
467 Driver side mirror convex
472 Winged rear embellisher
474 Koni sports shock absorbers
479 Version for Australia
488 Control and indications in German
490 Sound system
492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
493 Hi-Fi 8 speakers 1991 Cabrio
494 Additional amplifier
496 Prepararation for Philips telephone
498 Without model designation on rear end
499 Version for Germany
501 Insignia "turbo" on fender
513 Lumbar support, right seat
525 Alarm
526 Cloth door panels
528 Passenger side mirror convex (electrically heatable and adjustable)
533 Alarm
553 Version for USA, Canada
562 Front airbags
567 Top-tinted windscreen
573 Air conditioner
57U TT CARS material protection
586 Lumbar support, left seat
593 ABS Antilock Brake System (Bosch)
598 Insignia “16 Ventiler”
602 Araised stop lamp
605 Headlight levelling system
612 Preparation for Philips telephone
650 Detachable roof panel, electrically openable
651 Electric windows
655 Electric soft top
657 Power steering
666 Without body preservation coating
684 Rear seat backrest folding in one piece
685 Rear seat backrests individually folding
686 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Ludwigsburg SQM 26
690 CD-radio Alpine Porsche CD-10
691 CD-radio Alpine Porsche CD-2
715 Internal production code PV-U pilot run production
716 Internal production code
719 Special build
734 Internal production code PV-0-series engine
735 Internal production code PV-0-series gearbox
750 Turbo Cup chassis 1989
900 Accession of the car at the factory
912 Without European ID plate
946 Leather front seats with leatherette rear side
981 Leather covered parts on door panels and dashboard
983 Leather seats
990 Cloth front seats with leatherette rear side
Code Description
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