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Not all cars are created equal and not all owners feel the same way about their cars. Porsche owners are a bit of a “crazy” bunch, especially the die hard fanatics. And in most cases they feel very strongly about their prized possessions.

If you have an interesting true story about your Porsche and would like to share it with the world, write it down and send it to story@stuttcars.com. If we like it, we will publish it here. As a little thanks from us, the published writer will receive a 12 months subscriptions to Stuttcars' paid content.

A Porsche 911 Turbo “barn find”

Author: Margus Holland

“How I bought a low priced 911 996 Turbo off the internet, based only on photos, without doing a pre-purchase inspection and lived to tell about it.”

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Porsche 944 Turbo prototype

One of the 951 prototypes

Author: James H.

“If you know Porsches, then you can see from its VIN WP0ZZZ95ZHN100008, that it was not a series production car.”

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I must be crazy

Author: Margus Holland

“Why on earth would someone sell a perfect color combination 911 Turbo with manual transmission and buy a Cayenne instead?”

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Feb, 01 – 44th birthday of the 934 (1976)
Feb, 03 – 36th birthday of the 962 (1984)
Mar, 01 – 4th birthday of the 982 (2016)
Mar, 05 – 17th birthday of the Carrera GT (2003)
Mar, 06 – 8th birthday of the Boxster 981 (2012)