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Kieron Fennelly sitting behind the wheel of his 993
Kieron Fennelly sitting behind the wheel of his 993

Owning a sports car is a compromise: on the one hand, it doesn’t have the space of a family estate, and for some it is slightly less practical as a daily run around. On the other hand, it has superior performance and in most cases, better looks, so, it is horses for courses. If you can live with the lack of space and the impractical nature of a sports car, then you have a winning combination because the increased performance and striking looks will always turn heads and make you feel better.

Fifteen years ago, I bought a 911: it was an emotional rather than a rational choice, because, as the old adage goes, nobody needs a Porsche. However, after thirty years of driving around in boxes on four wheels I realised how boring they could be and I also admit to being slightly envious of the fun my son was evidently having souping up his Vauxhall Astra.

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