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Various Porsche racecars on the track

D.E. ( Driver Education) It’s a gateway drug. You are happily driving your Miata, Mustang, or Cayman on the street; you’re enjoying yourself, not a care in the world. Whether it’s peer pressure or a chance meeting, someone gets you hooked on the hard stuff. You head off to a track day and do a few laps in your road car on street tires that are shrieking in agony around every turn.

Next time you show up, you start lightening your ride. You take out the spare and tool kit; maybe you take out the back seat, anything for added lightness. You say to yourself, “ I can quit anytime.” But that doesn’t happen. You want more, and you need that rush. Driving fast on your way home from work or the Sunday ice cream run just doesn’t get you off anymore. You have to up the dose.

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