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Toine Hezemans in his Brussels home, 2015
Toine Hezemans in his Brussels home, 2015

One of the Netherlands’ most successful racers, Toine Hezemans is part of a motorsport dynasty that began with his father who raced Porsches in the 1950s. This family tradition continued with Toine who began racing 911s in the late ‘60s, but after his own career ended, his first son Mike, then picked up the baton and raced 964s in the early years of the Porsche Cup. Speaking with the effervescent Dutchman, one quickly gains the impression that there was never a dull moment in the career of Toine Hezemans. Hezemans was born in Eindhoven 1943, Porsche Road & Race’s Kieron Fennelly met him recently at his home in the Brussels suburb of Uccle.

As well as racing a 911, Toine Hezemans also drove a Porsche 906 in the late sixties and spent three seasons driving works Alfa Romeos before competing briefly for Ford and BMW. From ‘75 to ‘79 he was one of Europe’s top three 911 racing exponents, driving privately entered RSRs, 934s and 935s to numerous podiums.

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