Porsche Cayman 981 e-volution electric test car (2016)

Date of unveil: 2016 January 27 at Paris Festival Automobile International

Cayman e-volution
Here at the electric Vehicle Symposium in Stuttgart on October 11, 2017 © FIA Formula E (fiaformulae.com)

The first electric 2-door Porsche test car was a 987.2-generation Boxster E showed in 2011. In 2016, an electric 981-generation Cayman test car was shown. It was created to test the 800 V charging system developed by Porsche Engineering and ADS-TEC for the future Porsche cars.

Like every electric car, this test car accelerates phenomenally - in just 3.3 seconds to 100 km/h (62 mph). It is by far the strongest-accelerating Cayman Porsche has built. No wonder considering it has 2 motors, 4WD and approx. 500 hp. The range is approximately 280 miles/450 km. Charging speed with 800 V technology is 15 miles/24 km in 1 minute or 80% (225 miles/360 km) in 15 minutes. This car served for the creation of the Porsche Taycan and electric Porsche sports cars to come.

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