Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder (2015-2016)

Date of unveil by Porsche AG: 2015 April 1
Premiere: 2015 April 1 at New York Auto Show
World market launch: 2015 July

'Super cool' is the only way to describe the roof-on side view of the Spyder© Porsche

Technical specification and comparison

Modification Engine kW lb-ft Nm Gearbox 60 mph 100 km/h 100 mph 200 km/h mph km/h DIN weight Power to weight
2015 981 Spyder 3.8B6 276 309 420 manual 6-speed 4.2 sec. 4.5 sec. 9.5 sec. 14.8 sec. 180 290 1315 kg
2899 lb
210 W/kg
95.2 W/lb
2010 987 Spyder 3.4B6 235 272 370 manual 6-speed 4.9 sec. 5.1 sec. 10.8 sec. 17.5 sec. 166 267 1275 kg
2810 lb
184 W/kg
83.6 W/lb
PDK 7-speed *4.6/4.8 sec. *4.8/5.0 sec. *10.3/10.6 sec. *17.0/17.3 sec. 165 265 1300 kg
2866 lb
181 W/kg
82.0 W/lb
Here: year is actual year, not model year. Top speed figures of open cars (speed limited when soft top on). DIN weight = car with 90% fuel, no driver, no cargo, German version with standard equipment. * with Launch Control.

Following in the footsteps of the nineteen fifties and sixties 356 Speedsters, 550 Spyders, different 718 Spyders and the two thousand ten Boxster 987 Spyder, the Boxster 981 Spyder is by far the most powerful of them. The power-to-weight ratio of the original 718 Spyder 1.7- and 2.0-litre 4-cylinder models was better though already 55 years earlier. Visually the Porsche Speedsters and Spyders are characterized by their unique side view silhouette - the result of the low windscreen and low roofline when the temporary canvas top is fitted.

While the 987 Spyder had a Cayman S engine (a little bit more powerful than Boxster S), the 981 Spyder got a 911 Carrera S engine - like the 981 GT4, it had a modified 3.8-litre engine from the 997.2/991. To use the rear engine in mid-position, it was not just rotated 180 degrees, it had to be modified a bit - the 3.8-litre engine was given a different crankcase and naturally different intake system. This purist's version of the Boxster was equipped with limited slip differential and the Porsche Torque Vectoring electronic turn-in aid. The exhaust system is naturally the louder sports version and the suspension is 0.8"/20 mm lower than on the standard Boxster. The suspension is sportier, but not the racing suspension of the 981 GT4. The brakes have the same size as the ones on the 991 Carrera 3.4, just that the calipers are painted red. Although 25 kg / 55 lb lighter than the GT4, the 981 Spyder is not as race-oriented as the Cayman GT4. Like in the GT4, in order to reduce weight, radio, loudspeakers and air conditioning were deleted from standard equipment (could be put back at no extra cost), the fuel tank size was only 54 litres (64-litre tank was available at no extra cost). What was not the case with the 987 Spyder, the roof of the 981 Spyder is more suitable for everyday use (with the 987 Spyder the top speed with roof on was limited to 124 mph/200 km/h).

The amber side blinker shows it's a US-model© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder, Guards Red (Indischrot)
Guards Red / Indian Red (Indischrot) © Porsche
Nose from the GT4© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder, GT Silver
GT Silver is a nice darker shade of silver that was created for the Carrera GT (980) supercar© Porsche
The roof lock is opened electrically and then the roof is operated manually© Porsche
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
© Porsche
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
© Porsche
© Porsche
Yellow Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
© Porsche
© Porsche
© Porsche
© Porsche
Large rear lid is made of aluminium© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
Is it the 918 Spyder or the 981 Spyder? The new car price difference was 10 times. © Porsche
Blue metallic Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
© Porsche
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
© Porsche
SportDesign mirrors from the 991 GT3© Porsche
© Porsche
Spyder Classic package means the interior is two-tone (red/black)© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder cockpit with yellow accent
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder cockpit with red painted trim
© Porsche
Steering wheel similar to the one in the 918 Spyder© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder interior
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder cockpit with blue trim
© Porsche
Maria Sharapova in Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder
Maria Sharapova © Porsche
Not for posers: the 981 Spyder was available with manual gearbox only. The car is at its lightest without the radio and the speakers.© Porsche
Sport Plus seats© Porsche
Optional lighter bucket seats from the 918 Spyder © Porsche
Standard bucket seats from the GT3© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 981 Spyder bucket seats
© Porsche
3.8-litre mid-engine
3.8-litre mid-engine © Porsche
© Porsche
© Porsche

Article © Stuttcars.com


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