Porsche Boxster 987.2 (2009-2012)

Official photos: 2008 November 18
Premiere: 2008 November 19 at Los Angeles Auto Show
Market launch: 2009 February

Porsche Boxster 987.2
© Porsche
MY2009 MY2010 MY2011 MY2012
2.9 188 kW
S 3.4 228 kW
S Black Edition 3.4 235 kW
Spyder 3.4 235 kW (link to dedicated article)

Technical specification and comparison

Modification Engine Power Torque Gearbox 60 mph 100 km/h 100 mph 200 km/h Top speed DIN weight
Boxster 987.2 2.9B6 188 kW 213 lb-ft / 290 Nm manual 6-speed 5.9 sec. 13.6 sec. 22.3 sec. 163 mph / 263 km/h 1335 kg / 2943 lb
PDK 7-speed *5.6/5.8 sec. *13.1/13.4 sec. 22.1 sec. 162 mph / 261 km/h 1365 kg / 3009 lb
Boxster 987.2 S 3.4B6 228 kW 265 lb-ft / 360 Nm manual 6-speed 5.3 sec. 11.6 sec. 18.4 sec. 170 mph / 274 km/h 1355 kg / 2987 lb
PDK 7-speed *5.0/5.2 sec. *11.1/11.4 sec. 18.2 sec. 169 mph/ 272 km/h 1380 kg / 3042 lb
Boxster 987.2 S
Black Edition
3.4B6 235 kW 272 lb-ft / 370 Nm manual 6-speed 5.2 sec. 172 mph / 276 km/h
PDK 7-speed *4.9/5.1 sec. 170 mph/ 274 km/h
Boxster 987.1 S 3.4B6 217 kW 250 lb-ft / 340 Nm manual 6-speed 5.1 sec. 5.4 sec. 11.8 sec. 18.8 sec. 169 mph / 272 km/h 1355 kg / 2987 lb
Tiptronic 5-speed 5.8 sec. 6.1 sec. 13.6 sec. 21.8 sec. 164 mph / 264 km/h 1395 kg / 3075 lb
DIN weight = car with 90% fuel, no driver, no cargo. Weight of German versions with standard equipment. * with Launch Control

Considering the technical and visual change of the Boxster from 987.1-generation to 987.2, it was extensive enough not to call it a "facelift". The 987.2 looks really good, only the rear lamps are questionable. The base version got 0.5" wider standard wheels (17"). For the first time in Boxster history the brake discs have the same diameter on the Boxster and the Boxster S. The difference is in rear disc thickness and in caliper color - black for the 2.9-litre and red for the 3.4-litre version. The PSM Porsche Stability Management was developed further. When the driver lets go of the gas pedal very quickly – which is typical of an upcoming emergency braking – the PSM builds up a level of brake pressure before the driver's foot lands on the brake pedal, moving the brake pads slightly towards the discs for immediate action. This shortens the stopping distance. A new option was the seat ventilation (for both the standard seats and the fully electric seats).

DFI engines

New engines were constructed - now with DFI Direct Fuel Injection. The base model got a 2.9-litre flat-6 instead of the 2.7-litre. In the DFI engine inlet valves control only the air flow into the combustion chambers and gasoline is injected directly into the cylinders which provides better efficiency (lower CO2 emissions). Another improvement was the integrated dry-sump lubrication system. The 986/987.1 wet sump engines were vulnerable to lateral forces (among other design flaws they had). The DFI Boxsters got the power and torque rise, but it wasn't very significant. The 3436 cc DFI engine in the Boxster S was set to produce 228 kW @ 6400 rpm. Less than 3 years later, the same engine was used in the 911 991 Carrera where its power was not governed by marketing strategies and it could pump out 257 kW @7400 rpm.

PDK 7-speed transmission and Sport Plus mode

The earlier 5-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox was replaced with 10 kg/22 lb lighter 7-speed PDK double-clutch gearbox. PDK stands for Porsche DoppelKupplung (Porsche Double Clutch). The 7th speed is for lowering the CO2 emissions. For the top speed, the 6th gear must be used. While the PDK didn't bring any benefits for the city drivers (theorethically Tiptronic might even act smoother), the PDK in Sport Plus mode excels on the race track. The Sport Plus race track mode and the Launch Control are part of the optional Sport Chrono package. The cars fitted with Sport Chrono pack can be idenitifed by the stopwatch on the dashboard. While the Sport Chrono pack is a must for a PDK-equipped track day car, the stopwatch on the dashboard is completely useless, an obstruction. While the earlier Tiptronic automatic was awful for track day use, PDK in Sport Plus mode makes an average driver perform really well on the track day. The Launch Control function in the Sport Chrono pack provides maximum acceleration from a standing start. To activate the Launch Control function, Sport Plus mode must be on, brake pedal must be fully depressed and then accelerator pedal must be fully depressed. The engine revs to 6500 rpm, the clutch closes slightly and the message ‘Launch Control ’ appears in the display on the PDK steering wheel. Now, the driver has to release the brake pedal quickly in order to minimally wear the clutch. On the paper the cars with PDK and Launch Control seem to accelerate better than the manual gearbox cars, but the times are ET (elapsed time), which does not include preparation time and in real life street race manual gearbox cars have better chances to win the drag race. The feeling of skillfully operating a manual gearbox Porsche sportscar is something that will probably remain the biggest part of the unforgettable Porsche experience.

Hill-start assist

Standard for all cars and not depending on the transmission type, the system assists the driver in making a smooth start on an incline. If the gear is engaged, the brake pressure is maintained 2 seconds after the footbrake is released. The vehicle is therefore temporarily prevented from rolling backwards. Brake pressure is reduced if sufficient revs have been generated.

Boxster Spyder

See dedicated article

Black Edition

Black Edition is not anything special. It was a last model year offering, basically an equipment package consisting of typical options (bi-xenon lights with dynamic cornering lights, automatic AC, cruise control, navigation system, bluetooth, Sound Package Plus, audio interface, anti-dazzle mirrors, rain sensor, wind deflector, 19" wheels). Visually the Black Edition cars can be identified by everything in black: the body, roof, Boxster Spyder wheels, model lettering, exhaust pipes, roll-over bars, dashboard trim strip etc.

Porsche 987.2 production at Valmet Automotive in Finland
Porsche production in Uusikaupunki. 987.2 Boxsters and Caymans were the last Porsches made in Finland. © Valmet Automotive
Porsche 987.2 production at Valmet Automotive in Finland
Orange blinkers tell that currently US versions are being built. The VIN of the car on the photo is WP0CA29889U710526. "U" in the VIN tells this Porsche was born in Uusikaupunki. © Valmet Automotive
Porsche Boxster 987.2 unveiling
Unveiling at the 2008 LA Auto Show press day: Detlev von Platen (CEO of PCNA), Wolfgang Dürheimer (Porsche R&D Director), Klaus Berning (Porsche Sales and Marketing Director) © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 in Guards Red
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 top operation, hood in motion
The top can be operated while driving up to 30 mph/50 kmh. It takes 12 seconds to lower the hood and close the cover. © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 dark green metallic
The surfaces of the side windows are treated with a water-repellent coating© Porsche
Porsche Boxster S Black Edition
Black Edition Boxster S © Porsche
A lady with the Porsche Boxster 987.2
The single exhaust of the 2.9-litre version looks rather cool, lamborghinish from this angle© Porsche
Porsche Boxster S (987.2 generation)
Guards Red is one the nicest Porsche colors © Porsche
Guards Red Porsche Boxster 987.2 S top down
© Porsche
Guards Red Porsche Boxster S (987.2) rear view
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 dark green metallic, rear view
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 dark green metallic, top down
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 Design package
Boxster Spyder wheels, roll over bars, side grilles, lettering, exhaust pipes and other parts in black are part of the 'Design'-package, which later was the basis for the Black Edition cars© Porsche
Guards Red Porsche Boxster S (987 facelifft) on an airstrip
19" wheels in 911 997.2 Carrera S look © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 Design Sport package
'Design Sport' package = 'Design' package of black parts + a new front spoiler and rear spoiler (wing)© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 Design Sport front spoiler
'Design Sport' front spoiler © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2
© Porsche
Porsche 987.2 Boxster S Black Edition interior
Black Edition © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 SportDesign steering wheel
SportDesign steering wheel in a Black Edition car. Note the black instruments from the regular Boxster. Typically, Boxster S has silver instruments, but not the Black Edition Boxster S.© Porsche
Porsche Boxster S Black Edition dashboard plaque
'000' means it is a prototype © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 interior, PDK, navigation, Sport Chrono stopwatch
Optional touchscreen navigation system could be equipped with optional TV tuner© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 see-through rendering
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 brake cooling
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 see-through rendering
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster S (987.2) engine
While there's an actual air intake on the left side of the car, the one on the right side is fake © Porsche
Porsche Boxster 987.2 power and torque graph
© Porsche
Porsche Boxster S 987.2 power and torque graph
© Porsche
Porsche 987.2 Normal vs Sport Mode
© Porsche

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Boxster 987.2 USA Owner's Manual

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Boxster S

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Boxster 987.2

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Boxster 2.9
Boxster S 3.4

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