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Everrati Type 964 RSR

Zero-emission Porsche re-imagined from the ground up

Everrati Automotive Limited, the leading sustainable-luxury technology company specializing in redefining and futureproofing automotive icons through the integration of cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, has just revealed its most driver-focused electrified Porsche yet – a new addition inspired by the Type 964 RSR.

Respecting the original RSR 3.8

Building on Everrati’s leading portfolio of redefined modern classic Porsches, the new zero-emission homage channels the ethos of the Type 964 RSR 3.8, blending a stunning motorsport-inspired hand-built 911, with carbon-fiber body elements and a host of weight-saving measures both inside and out, bringing things up to date with a bespoke, OEM-grade, state-of-the-art EV powertrain.

Launched in 1993, the Type 964 RSR 3.8 is one of the rarest 964 variants with just 51 examples of the race-ready lightweight, rear-drive, turbo wide-bodied competition car ever produced. At the time it revived a famous Porsche motorsport badge which first appeared on the 1973 911 Carrera RSR and has since featured on ultimate track-focused 996, 997, 991 models.

As car custodians and passionate automotive enthusiasts, Everrati is honoring the 964 RSR’s influence and legacy with its redefined model, creating a fully futureproofed example of sustainable luxury in the process, a rolling piece of art, a vehicle that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Performance first

Based on an expertly restored 911 (964), which started life as a narrow-bodied car, Everrati’s RS-inspired edition respects the lightweight, high-performance ethos of the RSR, with its rear seats deleted, a rear roll cage added and lightweight driver and passenger seats installed, clad in the world’s lowest carbon leather from Everrati partner Bridge of Weir Leather.

On the outside, there are lightweight 18-inch wheels from HRE, while the eye-catching carbon-fiber bodywork boasts a completely new aero package, including a larger rear spoiler inspired by the legendary 964 RSR, along with a revised front lower splitter.


Under the skin lies an OEM-grade 63kWh battery pack and battery management system. This Gen2 version brings multiple advances over Everrati’s Gen1 system, featuring new and improved cooling and a more refined version of its drive controller and software, enhancing performance and efficiency. With OEM-grade high-performance electric motors delivering electrifying power to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential, the RSR-inspired version enables an emission-free range of more than 200 miles and 3.7 second 0-60mph acceleration.

The RSR homage also features TracTive suspension, a premium, electronically controlled active and adaptive suspension system which offers multiple settings designed to optimize and enhance driving dynamics, comfort and performance, whether on the road or track. Combined with Apple CarPlay and AC and DC Fast charging, the new RSR homage is fully equipped for a short B-road blast or longer touring journey.

Justin Lunny comments

Everrati Founder and CEO, Justin Lunny, commented: “This exciting new addition to our range of redefined and electrified 911s is without doubt the most driver-focused yet. Paying homage to a legendary model from three decades ago, our new ‘RSR’ gets pulses racing with a host of lightweight enhancements, resulting in an unrivaled experience that combines the best of classic design with modern, zero-emission performance.

“Like all our models, it features hand-built craftsmanship, with OEM-grade engineering processes, futureproofed via a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. We are committed to preserving the legacy of iconic vehicles while advancing the transition to sustainable luxury mobility. Our expertise in redefined Porsches positions us as the go-to international creator of redefined 911s and iconic cars.”

Global ready

The new model, like all 964-based variants in its range, will be built for an international market by Everrati’s production partners, Aria Group, based in Irvine, California, underlining its strategy to forge relationships with the world’s best specialists where appropriate.

Designed and developed at its global headquarters in Oxfordshire, the latest 911 RSR-inspired model will join Everrati’s leading portfolio of redefined automotive icons, which includes electric versions of the Porsche 911 (964) Coupe, Targa, Cabriolet, G-Series-based ST-inspired edition, Range Rover Classic, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Series, GT40, and Mercedes-Benz W113 SL ‘Pagoda’.

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