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A ‘First Timers’ view of the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Gerry Judah sculpture at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed
The Gerry Judah sculpture at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed featured six Porsche cars mounted on a 52-metre-high star-shaped structure. This event celebrated both the 25th Festival of Speed as well as Porsche’s 70th anniversary

I have always wondered, what the Goodwood FOS (Festival of Speed) was all about. Was it a race, a hill-climb, a demonstration of old race cars, or a car show? Well, I had the opportunity to find out this year. In this feature, a ‘First Timers’ view of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I can safely say that it is all of those things, and more!

Ferrari 156 shark-nose
A super Ferrari 156 shark-nose makes its way back down the hill after its run

This year, a group of us got together to attend: myself, Bernhard Bihr (CEO of Bosch Electronics Group); Mike Mansuetti (President of Bosch USA), Keith Andrews (Regional President Bosch Electronics USA), Wolfgang Hustedt (Bosch Racing USA consultant), Wölfram Gocken (Director of Power Train Projects Bosch Electronics Group), and my brother Mark Raffauf (Senior Director of IMSA). We based ourselves in Portsmouth, England, and drove out to the Goodwood estate each day.

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