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Luftgekühlt lands in Poland

200+ air-cooled Porsches and 3,500 fans unite

Going Global

Luftgekühlt – the hit Californian-born gathering of air-cooled Porsches – lay down new roots in Europe in mid-June, when it visited Poland for the first time. Against a historic backdrop – the restored Dworzec Świebodzki railway station in Wrocław – more than 200 of Zuffenhausen’s finest sports cars gathered, with some travelling from as far as Scandinavia and the UK to soak up the special atmosphere. About 3,500 visitors came together over the two days for what was the largest Porsche event ever held in Poland, with Mateusz Klawiter, one of the organizers, saying: “We’ve sold out. This is exactly what we’ve been dreaming of for years.”

Co-founder Patrick Long

Former Porsche works driver Patrick Long, one of the original founders of Luftgekühlt, traveled from California to attend and emphasized the importance of the event. “Luftgekühlt aims to take visitors out of their everyday world and offer them new perspectives,” he said. “This year, we have broadened our horizons and discovered new stories with the location of Poland.” His Luftgekühlt colleague, Creative Director Jeff Zwart, added: “It’s just fun to dive into a new scene, a new culture, a new country. We have good music, we have good food and of course the historical vehicles – all these things that bring people together.”

World-class Porsches

A runway was set up in the center of the train station, under the remaining historic part of the roof, to showcase some of the unique models on display. These included two restored 356 Speedsters belonging to Polish Porsche owners. The Porsche Museum also sent some four-wheeled favorites from Stuttgart, including the 908/03 Spyder that won the 1,000 km race at the Nürburgring in 1970, a 911 SC Safari, a 964-generation 911 Carrera RS and the fastest road car of its generation, the Porsche 959. Long’s highlights included a 917 and a 935 in Martini livery.

Visitors were able to stroll around the extensive grounds and admire, among other things, the oldest Porsche registered in Poland, a 356 ‘Pre-A’, as well as a Polo Red 911 T from the 1960s, which its owner has left in its original, rather well-loved condition on the outside while restoring it to perfection beneath the bodywork. In addition, a colorful and spectacular collection of 911 models from every air-cooled generation, many lovingly ‘individualized’ by their owners, were displayed in front of the industrial backdrop. And each of them had an exciting story to tell, leading to many long and fascinating conversations between fellow enthusiasts. It was noticeable that many families took advantage of the event to take a trip together – something of which the organizers are particularly proud. “The love of classic Porsches runs through all age groups,” smiles Zwart, “which makes us particularly happy because it shows that Luftgekühlt is much more than just a car show.”

The next European destination in Luftgekühlt’s line of sight is Copenhagen, in Denmark, which will host the next gathering on 6 and 7 September.  Go HERE for details.


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