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First KALMAR Automotive 7-97 Delivered to USA

The ultimate "No compromise" air-cooled 911?

KALMAR Automotive, enhancer and restorer of bespoke sports cars and special purpose-built adventure vehicles, has delivered its first 7-97 to the USA. The unique KALMAR 7-97 Classic is now available at Canepa, a leading collector car specialist in California. The latest vehicle from KALMAR Automotive underscores its unparalleled approach to creating bespoke automotive commissions. The KALMAR 7-97 Classic, code-named ‘C1’ after ‘Canepa’, underlines this pioneering spirit and is the most uncompromising 7-97 yet, with a roster of desirable engineering upgrades.

The 993-based C1 takes advantage of the lightest and stiffest body option, its coupé ‘shell benefiting from the removal of the donor 911’s rain gutters. A re-engineered decklid, in conjunction with KALMAR Automotive’s unique bonded glass solution, reduces lift, drag and wind noise. Designed to showcase the full range of possibilities available to KALMAR Automotive customers, the ‘C1’ is on show at Canepa’s Scotts Valley headquarters in California with further versions of the 7-97 set to follow across the Atlantic Ocean in the coming months.

California Dreaming

Every KALMAR 7-97 is designed and engineered to pay tribute to the heritage and style of the rare Porsche 911 ST of the 1970s. The 7-97 uses an air-cooled 964 or 993 generation of 911 as its base, currently available in three different body styles – coupé, cabriolet, or targa – plus the RS-R. Each 7-97 receives KALMAR’s remarkable engineering and attention to detail while remaining completely customizable inside and out. The four-wheel drive C1 is built on a 993-generation platform with a ‘no-compromise’ approach, meaning it resides at the more extreme end of the 7-97 scale. Its range-topping ‘Triple 4’ specification is led by a 4.0-litre engine producing 401 horsepower and 426 Nm of torque. The finer technical details include a 997 GT3 4.0-litre crankshaft, drive-by-wire individual throttle bodies, mechanical lifters, an enhanced exhaust system, with dual oil coolers and a Motec M150 ECU (with OBDII interface) and a bespoke air filtration system being further highlights.

Alongside the mechanical details comes adaptive active suspension, a multi-link rear axle, a six-speed gearbox, an ultra-lightweight lithium battery, and lightweight three-piece split rims. Those seeking to take things a step further can select the optional traction control system with Sport mode functionality, increasing driving thrills, a lightweight ceramic braking system, and a front axle lift system can also be added to further aid drivability while offering significant dynamic benefits on the road. All also to be found on the KALMAR 7-97 C1. Inside the 7-97 ‘C1’ comes a full leather interior with supportive Recaro sports seats and optional twin airbags, perfectly suited to the style of the F-model dashboard. Modern convenience features such as remote central locking, a concealed Bluetooth audio system, and rain-sensing wipers are standard. Even the car’s key is worthy of note; designed especially for KALMAR Automotive, it incorporates buttons to open and close the front luggage compartment and rear deck lid. This electronic “frunk” release is just like the one found on the very latest Porsche 911s.

7-97: A bespoke blend of past, present and future

Retaining the iconic silhouette of the 911, every 7-97 has been developed in-house; it features unique lightweight carbon fiber body panels, electric air conditioning, and power steering systems that are a part of every KALMAR 7-97 to enhance the weight balance. Weight is a keyword of the KALMAR 7-97; as a rear wheel drive, it weighs in at close to 1150 Kg. (2500 pounds) and the C1, as all-wheel drive, comes in just under 1215 Kg. (2675 pounds) ready to go with aircon and hi-fi system. Even lighter versions are available on demand.

The arrival of 7-97 C1 in the US cements a partnership between KALMAR Automotive and Canepa; KALMAR Automotive is proud to list the respected Californian specialist amongst its growing network of representatives from around the world, and of its special relationship with founder, Bruce Canepa, whose own story is inextricably linked with the Porsche marque.

Jan Kalmar, founder and owner of KALMAR Automotive, expressed his enthusiasm for the first KALMAR 7-97 C1 to reach US shores, “The engaging, analog and yet modern feel of the 7-97 C1 is the perfect companion for exploring America’s west coast; I can already picture this car carving through canyon roads and charging across Northern Californian mountain routes!” The process with Bruce has moved the entire company forward, as his quality demands and attention to detail were a great motivator for everyone involved. “In the US, and California specifically, car culture remains king, and I am sure that KALMAR Automotive’s builds, engineering excellence and bespoke ethos will fit in perfectly amongst enthusiasts who are looking for more than just good looks  – and this is just the start, so watch this space!” Jan added.

Bruce Canepa, Founder of Canepa Group, said, “Timeless Design in every detail, uncompromised quality in every component and surface, and performance and drivability for those who want the ultimate air-cooled driving experience.”  The 7-97 C1 showcases what KALMAR Automotive is all about. KALMAR Automotive builds no more than 12 7-97s during a calendar year, created for customers all over the world. Given the bespoke nature of every car, prices vary depending on specification. Canepa Group will act as KALMAR Automotive’s sole representative in North America, part of a growing global network of dealers that spans Europe and Asia. The KALMAR Automotive 7-97 C1 is now on show at Canepa’s Scotts Valley headquarters in California, and viewing is available by appointment.

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