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Workshop 5001: Understated Porsches with a purpose

Builder Marlon Goldberg prefers the subtle over gaudy

While originating from the East Coast, 5001 Workshop founder Marlon Goldberg gravitates towards building Porsches for their experience, not their collectible value. “I grew up in New York, where I feel Porsche collectors are more interested in originality and value, so it’s all about having an original 73 RS... But I was fascinated by what people were doing out here with Porsches (hot rodding), but I don’t like these Look-at-me cars with lots of stickers and goofy things going on.”

Workshop 5001 founder Marlon Goldberg performs his own engine rebuild.

Demure but deadly

Hence, we arrive at Marlon’s true goal: to build powerful road-going Porsches that are in his own words, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Additionally, it will yield 20+ years of driving without needing to be in the shop all the time.

The main workshop area usually has several projects being worked on simultaneously.

Paying his dues

Marlon apprenticed at a Bentley and Lamborghini dealer in New York: “I wanted to work for Andial, which ran the Porsche racers, and I eventually did six months there with one of the founders, building a 3.8 motor for my dad’s 964.” Marlon also worked for Singer Vehicle Designs (the “spearhead” of the Porsche 911 resto-mod movement) before eventually realizing he needed to stake his own claim where he could serve customers who valued the drive more than the look.

All builds first get stripped to the tub for thorough inspection and metal-work before primer is applied.

Workshop 5001 resides in an unmarked Los Angeles building at 5001 Exposition Way in LA, hence the company’s name. Under its vintage open-truss wooden ceiling, roughly a dozen employees work on air-cooled Porsches of various years, providing solutions to customers’ needs. Some might need minor upgrades, while others need ground-up builds. The 964 generation is Marlon’s “wheelhouse” of 911s, but will work on both younger and older generations, including Porsche’s first sports car, the 356.

Workshop 5001’s mission

Goldberg explains his approach to Porsches and the mission of Workshop 5001. “We have to be respectful of each car’s history. We’ve put a lot of thought into that. Some shops like to throw one recipe at the 911, but we approach each project differently, unique to the car and the customer. For instance, I like carbs, I like MFI, CIS, and Bosch Motronic. Different generations, different challenges. We’re happy to do a 100 percent–correct restoration project or a hot rod. And not every one of them needs to be a million-dollar build.”

Interiors can be restored to stock or completely customized keeping a demure, factory look.


Some customers just need engine work or upgrades, and that’s just fine with Marlon. Workshop 5001 offers full-service engine rebuilds and reseals across all 911 years. Everything from 2.0L carbureted period correct rebuilds to MFI or CIS stock restorations to complete MoTeC-controlled 4.0L units. Naturally aspirated or turbocharged, Workshop 5001 engines are built to exacting standards using the highest quality internal parts and tested/tuned on the AASCO Motorsports engine dyno.

The combination of an air-cooled 964 generation engine combined with a stout Porsche 915 transaxle is a common set-up for Workshop 5001 projects.


Suppose a complete chassis rebuild is beyond a customer’s resources. In that case, Workshop 5001’s “Sports Purpose Makeover” (SPM) includes a rebuilt engine, refinished interior with roll bar/cage, and sport or racing seats with five-point harnesses. Setup specifically for dual-purpose road and track. A mix of factory and motorsport parts is used to tailor vehicle dynamics to the client’s intended use.


A stock Porsche is for many, a wonderful car to drive. So when it’s time to put some love back into a worn-out car,  Workshop 5001 can perform a full restoration. These builds start with a bare tub and can be adjusted to the customer’s wishes.

Mission accomplished

For many who glance at one of Marlon’s ground-up builds, the reaction is often “just another modified 911.” While some builders might be offended, Marlon takes it as a compliment. “That’s the point,” he comments, knowing his goal of subtlety has been achieved.

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