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VIDEO: Porsche Taycan GTS Review

The Fast EV Wagon of Our Dreams

As tends to be the case with Porsche’s driver-focused ‘GTS’ variants, Porsche has successfully applied a combination of options, styling updates, and performance goodies to their Taycan EV in a way that is hard to argue against. It’s got gobs of power, but unlike the nearly $200,000 “Turbo S” version, stops *just* short of making you feel sick. It’s got plenty of handling performance, but not so much that you have to sacrifice daily comfort. And it’s, as of now, the only way to get the stunning “Turismo” wagon-style body without the “Cross” portion of the equation. This means a lower ride height and no body cladding, but all the good looks and interior practicality of the longer roofed hatchback. The Taycan GTS Sport Turismo may be out of our personal price point, but it’s hard to argue against this being the best sport EV on sale today.