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Theon Design’s air-cooled Porsche 964 C2 “GBR002”

Recent build continues to redefine air-cooled perfection

Theon Design has revealed its latest bespoke Porsche 911 (964), its second for a UK customer. Finished in classic Oak Green Metallic with dark ‘ghost’ stripes, warm satin chrome brightwork, and complementary matching 18” Fuchs-style wheels, it further exemplifies Theon’s respect for Porsche’s ethos. As with each of its bespoke builds, GBR002 has been carefully enhanced – rather than reinvented; all modifications have been carried out in a highly considered, decidedly ‘Porsche’, way.

GBR002’s traditional aesthetic belies its modern performance capabilities. A full carbon body houses a howling 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flax-six, delivering 406 bhp – the ultimate air-cooled 911. At more than 100bhp per liter, it has the specific output to rival many modern performance cars but without compromising the character or drivability of the classic air-cooled flat-six.

Cockpit perfection

The car features Theon Design’s latest aluminum upgrade interior package, which retains the look and feel of a classic Porsche cockpit while adding seamlessly integrated features. The aluminum interior upgrade elevates quality to a new level; the familiar Porsche switchgear and ‘touch points’ such as interior door handles, fuel, and bonnet pull, as well as all knobs and gauge rings, are reverse-engineered in beautifully tactile, billet aluminum. The cockpit’s quality is enhanced further through Muslin leather seats and trim, with woven leather sections and green stripes to match the exterior. A classically styled, high-end Bluetooth-enabled stereo brings connectivity and convenience, while a new center console extension provides wireless phone charging.

Theon’s new Nardi “deep dish” steering wheel sits before the driver, the perfect interface between man and machine.  Besides, it is a classically styled modern stereo, complete with DAB radio and phone connectivity. A powerful Focal amp and six-speaker system are thoughtfully integrated, offering supreme audio performance. The 911 is also equipped with Theon’s new HVAC and control unit, ensuring comfort at home in the UK and on trips to warmer climes on the continent.

Where dreams become reality

GBR002 is another example of Theon Design’s commitment to the Porsche ethos, bringing the customer’s classic 911 dream to life. Improved in every way possible, it combines OEM+ design and engineering with modern technology and materials to deliver a reinvention of the air-cooled experience. Each commission is built by hand with obsessive attention to detail and purity of purpose, creating truly unique 911s that are as engaging to drive as they are captivating to look at.

“We set out to enhance every element on the car, but we’re also careful to work in line with Porsche’s philosophy,” explains Theon Co-Founder Adam Hawley. “From engineering and building to material selection and finishing, when we improve the car, we’re determined to preserve 911’s essential essence. A Theon Design car still feels like a classic Porsche, just one that’s elevated to a new level of performance and useability. We strive to create the perfect blend of aesthetic, performance, and dynamic enhancements – creating something thrillingly new, yet familiar in all the right ways.”

Comprehensive revision of an icon

GBR002 was developed from a 1992 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2. The donor car was returned to bare metal before restoration commenced, with the strengthened chassis cloaked in a timeless yet purposeful carbon body (aside from the doors, which remain steel for side impact protection). To guarantee a perfect fit, Theon scanned and digitized each panel before using 3D design software to ensure alignment. As in motorsport applications, the carbon panels add stiffness and cut weight, meaning GBR002 weighs just 1169 kg with all fluids on board, over 200 kg lighter than the standard 964 C2.

The meticulous craftsmanship for which Theon Design is renowned is evident throughout the vehicle. A lightweight, Mil-Spec wiring harness is integrated into the strengthened body shell, while modern dual air-conditioning compressors and an all-new electric-power steering pump are relocated to the front of the car, tucked away low-down for optimized weight distribution.

4.0 liters of motivation

The heart and soul of GBR002 is the glorious air-cooled 4.0-litre engine – a flat-six wonder that is Theon’s most powerful motor to date. Combining a thrilling top end with a muscular midrange, it puts out 406bhp at 7,200rpm, producing strong torque right through the rev range, with a peak of 326lb/ft at 5,800rpm. Great care and attention have been paid to the powerplant’s enhancement, with GBR002 howling through a gunmetal-finished plenum and cooled by a matching fan. An all-new ignition system delivers a five percent increase in engine power for GBR002, further improving performance thanks to bespoke independent throttle bodies from British specialists Jenvey.

A single mass flywheel allows for a superb and immediate response, while Theon’s modern engine management system keeps GBR002 civil in everyday driving. The 911 breathes through a switchable exhaust that has been fully ceramic coated by specialist Zircotec. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a new Hewland six-speed gearbox with distinctly Porsche shifts. A Wavetrac® Torsen limited-slip differential works alongside the gearbox to deliver signature Porsche traction and control. Braking performance is transformed thanks to the fitment of a full RS brake package, giving GBR002 superb stopping power, pedal feel, and response.

Highly capable dynamics package

As with all Theon builds, this latest commission has overhauled driving and dynamics thanks to a sophisticated switchable, five-stage TracTive Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) damping system. The setup has been thoroughly optimized and calibrated over countless test miles, ensuring exceptional performance and resolute traction even on the most demanding of roads; from motorways to B-roads, GBR002 remains planted, compliant, and capable.

Founder’s comments

“Hot on the heels of GBR001 is our latest commission, GBR002,” continues Adam Hawley, Theon Design Co-Founder. “This is a spectacular car, with many of our new systems and design elements, combined with a complete reworking of the 4.0-litre flat six and our advanced damping system. As with all our builds, it is a pure expression of the air-cooled 911. But more focused, more powerful, more planted, and – dare I say it – more 911. We manage to achieve this through a combination of cutting-edge automotive technology, modern manufacturing techniques, and traditional British craftsmanship. All of this delivered to a standard and execution well beyond what an OEM can, resulting from our team’s immense passion to provide an experience like no other.”

Price of admission

Prices for Theon Design commissions start at £380,000. Each car is a totally unique collaboration with the customer and takes 18 months to build. Price excludes donor car, shipping, and local taxes.

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