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Porsche Taycan’s New AC On-board Charger Greatly Reduce Charging Times

Porsche Taycan owners who are looking to greatly improve the at-home charging performance of their car are in luck as there is now an AC 19.2 kW on-board charger upgrade available! This new upgrade double the amount of power that the Taycan is able to receive when charging through a compatible 19.2 kW capable level 2 AC charger.

Replacing the existing on-board charger and associated wiring that is in the car, this new module will also be located behind the front trunk area. For the 2020 Taycan model year cars, one of the benefits of this upgrade is its capability to enable Plug and Charge as long as they have a valid My Porsche account.

At 19.2 kW, charging time from 0% to 100% for the Performance Battery equipped cars will only be 4.8 hours, this is a significant decrease compared to the charging time of 9.5 hours for the previous charger. For cars equipped with the Performance Battery plus, the new 19.2 kW module will give it a charging time from 0 to 100% in just 5.3 hours, almost half the time compared to the 10.5 hours it currently has.

Taycan variant owners can order the part from Your Porsche service center, with the latter also having the capability to install the kit (with part number 9J1.044.900.31). It is compatible with all Taycan variants and retails for $1,850.15, It is estimated that it’ll take roughly 12 hours of work to install this order.

For new and future Taycan owners can simply specify the higher capacity OBC to their builds by adding the KB4 option directly in the configurator.

Interested Taycan owners who wish to take full advantage of the improved performance of the 19.2 kW on-board charger can avail of the new 19.2 kW Wall Charger Connect at the Porsche Shop.

It should be noted that this charger needs to be hard wired directly to a 100-amp circuit installed by a professional electrician to be able to achieve the best performance. The unit can be adjusted for direct connection with lower capacity circuits.

The Wall Charger Connect has a 5-inch touch screen as well as Wifi connectivity for software updates. Retailing at $1,586.00, the part number for the charger is HCHH0LAA.