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Porsche Taycan: A Well-Timed Sales Superstar

Porsche Taycan driving through desert
Image Via: Porsche

When Porsche announced in 2015 with the Mission E Concept that they were deep in development of an electric vehicle that would put most other mid-market EVs to shame, they were not taken all that seriously. In fact, more than one media outlet chalked the statement up to posturing and trying to build hype about Stuttgart joining the electrified market.

Imagine the shock, if you’ll pardon the pun, that everyone received when in 2019, the Porsche Taycan was released. Instead of a jab into the EV market as many expected, Porsche came out with a full haymaker, and landed it squarely on the market’s jaw. Every review of the car, from the small automotive YouTube channels to global media enterprises, was glowing. It was given car of the year awards, five star reviews, and ended up topping most “What electric car should I buy?” lists.

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