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Porsche Taycan – Prices are dropping

20% to 30% pricing decreases for pre-owned examples

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Used market by the numbers

The Taycan is Porsche’s groundbreaking all-electric sports car success story, featuring an aerodynamic design that the automotive press lauded because of its combination of elegance and performance. Nevertheless, while early adapters benefited from driving Porsche’s newest technical wonder, they inevitably paid the price due to accelerated depreciation in the current market.


YouTube is a great source of information on pre-owned cars, and for this article, we will summarize the findings from Fourwheel Trader, whose video can be found here:

On average, the Porsche Taycan has depreciated 26% in the last year. That ranges from 16% for the base Taycan all the way to over 30% for some examples of the Turbo S sub-model. This is no different from other pre-owned Porsches; the most expensive examples always depreciate the most within the first few years.

Savvy buyers aim higher

For shoppers of pre-owned Taycans, the best value will be in the S and Turbo S models since you are paying roughly half for premium options. The premium between the Turbo and Turbo S when new was approximately $35K. In the used market, this upgrade is  $15K to $20K.

Resist the 1-year-old offerings

Another buying tip for pre-owned Taycans will be to look for an example which is two or three years old, versus just one year old. These prices reflect the large depreciation experienced in the first year, so buyers getting more for their money, especially with S edition.

Current Online inventory

A quick look at for Porsche Taycans in the U.S. reveals a wide offering:

Number of used Taycans for sale

  • $70K-$79K:       5
  • $80K-$89K:     11
  • $90K-$99K:     12
  • $100K-$109K:   8
  • $110K-$119K:    4
  • $120K-$129K:   5
  • $130K+:              5

With EV prices dropping across the industry, the Porsche Taycan will continue to face stronger competition and how it will fare against rivals Audi and Tesla will determine its ultimate fate in the luxury sports car segment.