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Porsche 911 Turbo LE (930) (1989)

A special, limited-edition 'LE' batch of 50 Turbos were made before the new 964 911 was launched

Porsche 911 Turbo LE (930)
Porsche 911 Turbo LE (930)
Model Years
50 units
3.3 L Turbocharged Flat 6
330 bhp @ 5750 rpm
318 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm
0 - 60 mph
4.6 seconds
Top Speed
173 mph

1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Limited Edition – Ultimate Guide

When Porsche revealed that the original 911 would be replaced by the new Type 964 in 1990, it was announced that a special, limited-edition ‘LE’ batch of 50 Turbos would be built. At the end of production in 1989, Porsche decided to mark the occasion with this very special Limited Edition 930 – a car Porsche called the ultimate Turbo. At the time, the 911 Turbo was not expected to play a part in the new 964 generation, so it really felt like the LE edition was the apparent end for Porsche’s forced-induction 911.

A small number of the last assembly batch of standard 3.3-litre, five-speed G50 gearbox cars were taken off the line and sent to the ‘Exclusive’ team at Zuffenhausen to be finished by hand. The LE Turbos incorporated as standard features that previously had been available only as factory optional extras. These included rear wheel air intakes, side skirts and a front spoiler, creating a look reminiscent of the Type 935 Le Mans sports racers. A Getrag five-speed gearbox was already standard on the Turbo, to which the LE version added a limited slip differential.

The 930 LE was truly limited edition, with only 50 units made. The 911 Turbo Limited Edition comes equipped with the 330 bhp power unit normally only available in the 911 Turbo with Sport Equipment, an extra 30 bhp over the regular model, making it the most powerful variant built to date.

Other options, included colour-coded wheel centers and a top-tinted windscreen. What’s more, any colour from the standard range could be used for the body, with colour-to-sample available at an extra cost. Inside, the choice was similarly expansive, with any combination of standard leather colors possible for the electrically adjustable seats. The use of leather extended to the handbrake gaiter, while the steering wheel was a three-spoke design, similar to the original 1974 Turbo’s. Sitting at its centre was a gold Porsche crest, complemented by a similar emblem on top of the gear knob.

There was also a Sport Equipment version that gave you rear wheel air intakes which looks cool. The “Exclusive” front spoiler (with integral oil cooler) had not been available previously on a production car. Think of this as essentially an SE without a slantnose front, the LE had the same engine, front spoiler, sill extensions and side air intakes. The fully specced interior and ‘Limited Edition’ status meant the LE was initially thought by many to be the last ever 911 Turbo. Of course, that wasn’t the case. A 930 LE was made for every OPC of the time.

The original list price for the 930 LE was an eye-watering £84,492. This gave the 930 LE a price tag of over 50 per cent more than that of the average UK house of the time. If Porsche was to release a 911 similarly priced in comparison to today’s housing market, it would be yours for £254,000.

Any colour from the standard range could be used for the body, with paint-to-sample available at an extra cost. The final touch was a gold plaque on the centre console highlighting the LE’s place at the end of the Turbo’s 15-year tenure as one of the most fearsome sports cars ever produced.


Below we found some pictures of a rare 1989 LE for sale at Bonhams. One of only 50 made. See Full Gallery

Press Release

9/12/88 – We are pleased to confirm the details of the Porsche 911 Turbo Limited Edition available from March 1989 production. Each of the 50 examples will be built in Couple body style. Their specification offers a highly attractive combination of road-going performance with subtly distinctive exterior and interior enhancements.

Engine and Exterior Refinements

The 911 Turbo Limited Edition comes equipped with the 330 bhp power unit normally only available in the 911 Turbo with Sport Equipment. In addition, the fitment of a limited slip differential as standard ensures the the increased engine performance can be used to it’s fullest extent.

This Limited Edition also adopts the rear wheel air intakes of the Sport Equipment version. However, the “Exclusive” front spoiler (with integral oil cooler) has not been available previously on a production car. Colour co-ordinated wheel centres are at no extra cost option and this model will be available in any of the current Exterior Colours.

Interior Enhancements

The interior specification includes a 3-spoke steering wheel similar to that fitted to the original 911 Turbo. The leather horn boss will have a gold Porsche Crest, a will the leather gear knob on the shortened gear lever.

Any combination of the current Interior Colours for the leather upholstery is available as a no cost option, as is seat piping. The hand brake gaiter will also be covered in leather

Security and convenience are enhanced by the fitment of an Alarm System-1 as standard, while the standard audio specification is the Blaupunkt ‘Berlin’ radio/cassette player. In addition, each car will be fitted with a unique commerative plaque.
There interior refinements, allied to the facility to select an imaginative combination of colours, allows your customers the opportunity to specify their 911 Turbo Limited Edition to be both distinctive and individual.

Retail Price and Availability

The Total Retail Price for the 911 Turbo Limited edition will be $84,492.42. This represents excellent value, especially when compared with the cost of ordering this number of ‘high value’ options separately. As this is a strictly Limited Edition of only 50 models, initially each Centre will be allocated one vehicle. We are confident that the specifications of this special model will appeal to those Porsche drivers who appreciate the uniqueness of the classic 911 Turbo