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Fjordluft gathering creates its own style

Norwegian festival celebrates the air-cooled era

Each year, Porsche enthusiasts from across Norway gather in the picturesque village of Lærdal to celebrate air-cooled Porsche history. Surrounded by breathtaking fjords and mountains, the Fjordluft festival inevitably doesn’t just focus on four wheels; mile upon mile of incredible scenery and architecture also share the limelight.

Bigger and Better

This year’s Fjordluft proved to be an unforgettable experience for Porsche fans. With a focus on models ranging from the Pre-A 356 to the iconic 993-generation 911, which was produced until 1998, the festival offered a rare opportunity to explore some of Porsche’s greatest air-cooled icons in a remarkable outdoor setting.

Held in the picture-postcard village of Lærdal, Fjordluft explored the evolution of Porsche’s design and performance over the decades. It also marked 50 years of the Porsche Turbo with a trio of Turbo 911 models on loan from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. A 550 Spyder and 904 GTS from the museum collection also took center stage.

Natural and automotive art

Inevitably, Fjordluft is not just about beautiful cars. Thanks to its breathtaking setting it’s an event that is well placed to celebrate the harmony between automotive art and the natural world. Attendees can experience historic world heritage architecture, stunning landscapes and the thrill of driving their prized Porsches along some of Norway’s most spectacular routes.

One of the highlights was a scenic two-hour drive featuring about 200 Porsche customer cars while for journalists, a media drive featuring the three 911 Turbos from the Porsche Museum provided an exhilarating experience on closed roads. Porsche’s Norwegian brand ambassador Aksel Lund Svindal, who was behind the wheel of one of the cars, described the community as “very warm and inclusive”. “Having so many enthusiasts gathered here in Lærdal, with spectacular surroundings, created a truly unique day,” he said after the event.

Driven by renewable electrical energies

While celebrating Porsche’s rich heritage, Fjordluft also showcased the potential of eFuels, which are produced with renewable energy and offer the potential to operate petrol engines on an almost carbon-neutral basis in the future.

Festival goers were invited to learn more about Porsche’s double-E approach: e-mobility and eFuels as complementary technology. These synthetic fuels do not compete with e-mobility, but practically complement the transition.

An unforgettable experience

As Fjordluft came to a close, it left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the Porsche enthusiasts who attended. This event is not just a celebration of automotive excellence but a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure and the pursuit of perfection that has defined Porsche’s legacy – in Norway and worldwide.

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