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The Porsche Museum Showcases Arab Prince’s Custom 959s

Feast Your Eyes on These Custom 959s

The Porsche Museum has a couple of very special cars on display right now. They’re two of seven custom 959s that were built for an Arab prince in the late 1980s, according to Motor1. The Porsche 959 is an extremely rare car already, but to have two of the seven even more unique customized cars is a real treat. 

In the late 1980s, Porsche wanted to better establish its Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur branch. Then one Arab sheik called and orders seven unique 959s for his car collection. The two cars that the museum is showing off are certainly special. There’s a unique gold one with a brown and tan stripe and a red one. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

The red car is sleek and handsome with a few somewhat odd interior choices. Much of the interior is red, but there is also gold and wood trim in the car. These materials look interesting together and definitely stand out but we’re not sure if we would have done the same.

The gold car is a beautiful car. The brown and tan striping help excentuate the car’s curves on the outside. There’s also gold exhaust tips peeking out from behind the car. Inside the car is s beautiful tan interior with wood and gold.

The Porsche 959 was a revelation. It had a twin-turbo flat-six engine that could propel the car all the way up to 197 mph. In the 1980s that was absolutely insane and is still fast today. These are two wonderful examples of this iconic car.