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The Dauer Deception

Porsche’s 1994 Le Mans 24 victory

Visitors to the Porsche Museum can enjoy the impressive sight of the third-place Le Mans finisher, a late and unexpected success for the Porsche 962.

One of the most colorful episodes in the history of Porsche was their 13th Le Mans victory in 1994 with the racing version of a road car derived from a racing car. This hubris served the car company well and less so a participant.

This was the car that Porsche used for development and testing. Its rear-view mirrors are obviously road-car style.

Pre 1994 Racing

A vacuum in international endurance racing followed the collapse of the 3.5-litre FIA World Sportscar Championship at the end of 1992. Everything went very quiet for a while. Races were held on the traditional circuits like the Nürburgring, Monza and Silverstone, but the Le Mans 24 Hours was the only major endurance race in 1993. That year the Le Mans organizers invited a range of cars, including 3.5-litre prototypes, older Group C cars and Grand Touring cars.

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