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The ANDIAL 935-L ‘Moby Dick’

ANDIAL 935-L ‘Moby Dick’
Side view of the ANDIAL 935-L ‘Moby Dick’ in the Riverside pit lane 1982

The ANDIAL 935-L ‘Moby Dick’ race car was a one-off creation that raced between 1982-1985. Without any help from the factory, the small team of dedicated professionals at ANDIAL with significant help from Glen Blakely, this 935-L won the Daytona 24 Hours in 1983 and finished second in 1984, with numerous other podium results in its career. Read on to discover more of this amazing race car’s story.

In 1980, IMSA introduced the concept of GTP cars in their rules for 1981. These would be ground effect prototype cars with various types of engines. Porsche had long since stopped building any 935s, as they were preparing for the new Group C formula in Europe in 1982 and working on what would become the 956. IMSA and the FIA (ACO) had a large parting of the ways in terms of rules at that time. The Group C formula would be fuel-based, i.e. a specific amount of fuel per race, using a ground effect prototype chassis. IMSA went in the opposite direction, still with a prototype chassis but with no fuel limits of any kind. Various engines were approved with various minimum weights. It could be said that the first ‘IMSA GTP car’ was the Inaltera-Ford that ran at Daytona in 1977 as an FIA invited car. Once IMSA finalised the rules in late 1980, Lola was the first manufacturer to build an IMSA GTP car of any note, and the Lola T600 (Chevrolet power) made its debut at Laguna Seca in 1981 and won the race.

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