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Racing in the Rain

racing-in-rain_2This is an autobiography by a man who enjoyed what many would describe as the perfect job. A talented mechanical engineer, Horsman worked first for Aston Martin under the legendary leadership of John Wyer on such projects as the DP214. After Aston Martin, Horsman moved to Ford Advanced Vehicles where he worked on the famous Ford GT40 and Mirage sports prototypes under the J. W. Automotive Engineering banner before J.W.A. was hired by Porsche to manage the official factory team.

The J.W.A. and Gulf Oils partnership that was forged during this time became the team to beat, due in no small part to their brilliant racing strategies and dedication to the task. Horsman did not act alone, but was central to the achievements of the teams he worked for, enabling many good drivers to reach their full potential.

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