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One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911

© One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911

It has been said before that there have probably been more books written on the Porsche 911, than almost any car model. In this case though, it is no ordinary 911 that is being unpacked and revealed between the covers of this book. Rather, it is in strict 911 lore and from a purist’s point of view, a book about the systematic hot-rodding of a 911, actually, several 911s. Shock, horror, and gasps of disbelief I can hear coming from the ranks of the lovers of the original 911, and I count myself in that number. But be patient, and I will explain, that what goes on behind the doors of Singer Vehicle Design (SVD) is really art on wheels, and the sympathetic updating and modernisation of a very specific group of 911s. With this book, you should be prepared to be amazed!

Rob Dickinson, author of ‘One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911’ ©

What started out as a passion for cars, vehicle design, and life in general for the aspiring and successful musician Rob Dickinson, ended with the unexpected realisation of a dream. Music always played a central role in the young Dickinson’s life, but then so did Porsche cars and in the end, it was the 911 that won the day. Rob Dickinson’s eye for style, design and stance led him to commence the formal study of vehicle design, something that although he didn’t complete, would come to play a pivotal role in his dreams.

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