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Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Is Now A Record Setting EV

2024 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT with Wiessach Package

Before the Porsche Taycan was released, if you wanted a fast EV, you weren’t exactly spoiled for choice. When 2019 came, this EV from a little German company in Stuttgart shattered expectations, becoming the benchmark for performance EV vehicles. Audi followed soon after, and Tesla revised their top model to become the Model S Plaid in an effort to keep up. EV hypercars also started releasing in 2022 from companies such as Lotus and Rimac, and all of a sudden there were performance EVs left, right, and center.

Even as the EV market has slowed down and stagnated a little in recent times, that hasn’t stopped Porsche from pushing the development of the Taycan beyond what it was originally designed to do. The Turbo S was supposed to be the top of the pecking order, the fastest and most comfortable EV GT that Porsche made. But, we all know that when the motorsports division gets a whiff of an idea, it often makes it to the production line shortly after.

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