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Porsche’s Much-Awaited Formula One Return

Conseil de la Concurrence from Morocco recently published some documents that disclosed Porsche’s interest in acquiring a 50% stake in Red Bull’s team.

Although there is no official confirmation that Porsche plans to enter F1 in 2026, it is pretty much confirmed by now. VW Group’s former CEO Herbert Diess has before revealed the plan by Porsche and Audi to enter F1. Steps are also already being taken to ensure that the plan pushes through.

One of the first things they would need is the approval of anti-cartel authorities around the world to guarantee that it is alright for the two companies to work together. This process does not only need to be done in the European Union, but applications were also required to be placed in more than 20 countries outside of the EU.

One of these countries is Morocco. A local law required that the applications are required to be published once approved. This is the reason why Conseil de la Concurrence published the information.

An official announcement about the partnership was supposed to have been done at the Austrian Grand Prix which occurred three weeks ago. Unfortunately, there were some issues that need to be resolved so the announcement was postponed. FIA World Motor Sport Council declined the engine regulations for 2026. Unfortunately, finalized engine regulations are required for Porsche to officially be able to announce their return to Formula One.

Porsche and Red Bull would work together to develop and manufacture a unit for 2026. The document also disclosed that the partnership with Red Bull was for a period of 10 years. There were also hints that the project will be formally announced on August 4.

Although it might be a surprise to many, but in the early 60s, Porsche also raced in Formula One. The team however were forced to withdraw due to the high costs. Their history with Formula One did not end there, however. In the 80s and 90s, Porsche partnered with McLaren, providing turbo V6 engines that were branded as TAG-Porsche.

The TAG-Porsche engines helped McLaren win two constructors championship, three drivers championship, and a total of 25 victories from 1984 to 1987.