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Porsche’s 911 Model Series To Be The Only Combustion Models After 2030

News dropped today that Porsche’s iconic 911 model series will be the only cars to come from Stuttgart after 2030.

It’s long been reported that Porsche will gradually electrify its entire lineup, in line with other manufacturers that are part of the VW Group such as Audi. They are also deeply involved and invested in eFuel, a synthetic hydrocarbon that works with regular internal combustion engines.

What is surprising about today’s announcement is that this is the first time that Porsche has announced that only one of their model lines will continue with internal combustion, with all other model lines eventually being filled with EVs only.

The implementation has already begun with the 2024 Macan SUV coming in as an EV model, which will be followed then by the 718 Boxster and Cayman models. Shortly thereafter, the Cayenne super-SUV will be transitioned to EV only, with the Panamera transitioning at the same time.

The 2025 Porsche Boxster and Macan EVs were spotted during winter testing at the Arctic Circle for the first time. Photo courtesy © SpyCarMedia

It is only because of the investment in eFuels that the 911, which had a sales of only 13% of the total units moved in 2022 from Porsche, will remain as an internal combustion model. Even then, there are still plans to have performance hybrid models.

This plan does follow along market trends, as manufacturers around the globe has so far invested over $1.2 trillion USD into electrification, battery technology, charging infrastructure, and the like. In comparison, only around $1 billion USD has been focused on eFuels, with the two major manufacturers pursuing it being Porsche and Ferrari.