Porsche 908 (1968-1971)

1969 International Championship for Makes (World Sportscar Championship) winner: Porsche

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Porsche 908/02 K Spyder
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Porsche 908 K Flunder Spyder

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The 1971 version of the 908/03 was the last 908 built by the factory, but private racing teams continued to develop these cars further and in 1975 some of the cars got 2.1-litre turbo engines straight from Porsche's racing department. The normally aspirated cars had around 257-280 kW and the turbos around 368 kW (but as always, the power figure with the racing cars is speculative, especially with Turbos). As every 908/03 Turbo looked like its team had modified it, we don't provide a photo here on the 908 main page. For the story and the photos, click 908/03 Turbo

In 1980 Le Mans 24 hour race Joest Racing entered a car which it signed up as 908/80, but it really was a 936.

Two 914 prototypes with 3-litre 8-cylinder 908 engines were made in 1969, one for the head of development Ferdinand Piëch and the other for Ferry Porsche.

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