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1969 Porsche 908/02

An early example of Porsche’s racing success

CIRCUIT DE LA SARTHE, FRANCE - JUNE 14: Rudi Lins / Helmut Marko, Martini International Racing Team, Porsche 908/02 LH during the 24 Hours of Le Mans at Circuit de la Sarthe on June 14, 1970 in Circuit de la Sarthe, France. (Photo by Rainer Schlegelmilch)


The Porsche 908/02, an evolution of the initial 908 model, was introduced in 1969 as a response to the increasing competition in the FIA World Sportscar Championship. This variant optimized weight distribution and aerodynamics, yielding a lighter, open-cockpit configuration. The 908/02’s engineering was underscored by its advanced flat-8 engine, which balanced power with fuel efficiency—a critical factor in endurance racing. The chassis was constructed from aluminum, reducing the vehicle’s overall weight and thereby increasing its agility, especially on tight circuits. This strategic focus enabled the 908/02 to achieve significant success, including victories at the Targa Florio and the Nürburgring 1000km, advancing Porsche’s reputation in motorsport.

Chassis 005

The 1969 Porsche 908/02 Langheck Flunder Spyder, chassis 908/02-005, a celebrated example that will be instantly recognizable to Porsche endurance racing enthusiasts. Boasting impressive works and ex-works competition record, it was piloted during its illustrious career by Porsche legends, including Vic Elford, Richard Attwood, Dr. Helmut Marko, Gérard Larrousse, and Rudi Lins. Competing against the mighty five-liter 917s on behalf of the Martini International Racing Team, this 908’s consistent speed allowed it to secure 3rd overall while also taking a historic class win and winning the Index of Performance in the epic 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours, ensuring a 1-2-3 podium sweep for Porsche in one of the era’s defining motorsport events.

CIRCUIT DE LA SARTHE, FRANCE – JUNE 14: Rudi Lins / Dr. Helmut Marko, Martini International Racing Team, 908/02 LH leads Ronnie Bucknum / Sam Posey, North American Racing Team, Ferrari 512 S during the 24 Hours of Le Mans at Circuit de la Sarthe on June 14, 1970 in Circuit de la Sarthe, France. (Photo by LAT Images)

Le Mans, the movie

In addition, it competed successfully in many of the other keystone World Championship events of its day, including the Sebring 12 Hours, Nürburgring 1000 Kms, Spa 1000 Kms, and BOAC 1000 Kms, amongst others. 908/02-005 was additionally featured while filming Steve McQueen’s cinematic epic Le Mans, cementing its place in popular culture. With a known and continuous ownership history since, and in the care of a significant Porsche race car collection for the last decade, 908/02-005 is one of the undisputed cornerstones of Porsche’s endurance racing legacy.

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