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Porsche 908/3 Spyder Rips Through The Swiss Bernina Hillclimb Pass

The 903/3 prototype was built for the sole purpose of winning the Targa Florio and Nürburgring legs of the world Championship. The 908 specialized in lightweight design through the use of a 48 lbs titanium space frame and 26 lbs body. Known as the Porche miracle by Italians, the 908/3s won the Targa Florio and Nürburgring outright in 1970. The car was so effective it won championship around up to 1980 without concern over fatigue due to the lightweight components.

Thus Type 908/03 was basically conceived for tight twisty circuits that demanded high levels of maneuverability. Consequently, the size of the sports car was kept to a minimum and it weighs a mere 540 kilos. The driver’s seat is even mounted on the right-hand side to ensure better weight distribution on the predominately clockwise circuits the car was to race on.

The flat-eight three litre engine produced 350hp enabling the 908/03 to obtain a top speed of approximately 275 km/h (172 mph), but it was the cars agility that was to ensure success during its racing career.

Being a car that’s been designed for tight twisty circuits, this Porsche 908/3 Spyder, filmed by the folks at 19Bozzy92 YouTube channel, didn’t had problems winning the 2023 Bernina Gran Turismo hillclimb race. The Bernina Gran Turismo is an event that honors the historic Bernina hillclimb races of 1929 and 1930. It takes place on the picturesque Bernina Pass in Switzerland, along a section of the original route closed to traffic. The hillclimb spans from La Rösa (1,871 m above sea level) to Bernina Pass (2,328 m), covering 5.9 km.

See the Porsche 908/3 Spyder in action as it traverses the twisty roads of the Bernina Pass and enjoy the sound of it flat-8 engine.