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Porsche meets LEGO® Technic™

Something for everyone at the Porsche Museum

The free Porsche 4Kids summer holiday program every year is much more than just a way of passing the time. It’s a journey into the world of tradition and innovation in an inspiring, encouraging environment. On this occasion with LEGO® Technic™ as an exciting travel companion. During a special evening event, Lego designers, Porsche developers, and a race driver share insights into their work.

The long holidays are an ideal time for new discoveries and adventures. For many years, the Porsche Museum has offered children unforgettable holiday experiences with the Porsche 4Kids summer holiday program. This year, a special highlight awaits: Porsche meets Lego. To celebrate the latest Lego Technic GT4 e-Performance model, the program from 30 July to 18 August 2024 is all about the all-electric racing car. “We give the kids the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of Porsche and Lego, test the GT4 e-Performance as Lego racing drivers, and play an active role themselves,” says Jenny Simchen, who is responsible for the Porsche 4Kids program at the museum.

Fun and games with the Porsche GT4 e-Performance in big and small formats

A variety of stations await children from 7 years, with the focus on the all-electric GT4 e-Performance prototype and its Lego counterparts. “The Porsche GT4 e-Performance marks another highlight of our longstanding collaboration with Lego. With it, we are creating for our youngest fans the combination of pioneering technology and the experience factor – just like our real models,” says Deniz Keskin, Head of Brand Management and Management and Partnerships at Porsche AG.

An exciting quiz gives the boys and girls further information about the big and small racing cars. A big racetrack invites all enthusiasts to test the remote-controlled Lego Technic model and immerse themselves in the interactive driving experience. On Lego Play Tables, they can build their own Lego creations. Finally, the children can pose as Lego mini-figures at a photo station. They are rewarded with a unique Lego brick only available in the Porsche Museum – while stocks last. This free holiday activity runs in the exhibition area from 30 July to 18 August 2024. We recommend registering online the earliest three days before visiting between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.: Porsche Ticketing (see Experience programs). If you don’t register in advance, you can put your name on a list at the museum.

Because the Lego company also evokes childhood memories for many grown-ups, the Schwabenstein 2×4 e.V. club is building unique Lego models and landscapes for the Porsche Museum. These are not for sale and will be part of the Lego activity area during the program and can only be seen in the museum.

Highlights: Porsche ǀ Lego Special Event on 6 August 2024

All grown-up Lego fans must be sure to make a note of the Special Event on 6 August 2024. From 6.30 p.m., Porsche GT4 e-developer Björn Förster and Lego designers Ann Karring and Aurelien Rouffiange will be hosting the event. In a relaxed atmosphere, the three experts will be talking about their exciting jobs and their collaboration on the Lego model. They will present the result – the Lego Technic GT4 e-Performance – including a driving demonstration on a small racetrack in the Porsche Museum. The developer trio will be joined by racing driver Jörg Bergmeister, who will be sharing his experiences on the racetrack. He is one of the world’s most successful sports car drivers, and one of the longest-serving Porsche works drivers. After the event, visitors can view the museum and the activity area exclusively outside the regular opening hours.

Extended museum shop opening hours also allow visitors to browse through the Lego Porsche product range and take a souvenir home. The event ticket costs 29 euros per person and includes parking in the museum’s underground car park. Tickets can now be purchased online on the museum website Porsche Ticketing (see Experience programs).

Tom Targa and Tina Turbo visit the museum

For holidays full of adventure, our younger visitors can look forward to meeting Tom Targa and Tina Turbo as walking acts in the museum on the weekends of 3/4 and 10/11 August 2024. The Porsche mascots will walk through the museum every hour between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., with lots of time for souvenir photos, high fives, and all kinds of fun.