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Inside A Vault Packed With Porsche’s Most Iconic Racing Cars

Automakers often tout their “racing heritage” influencing production vehicles, but Porsche truly exemplifies this. Porsche began racing with the lightweight 356, but their reputation soared with the “giant killer” 550 Spyder. Throughout the mid-1960s, Porsche focused on race cars like the 550, 718, RS, and RSK models.

They expanded their 8-cylinder flat engine from 2.2 liters in the 907 to 3 liters in the 1968 908. This led to the 1969 introduction of the 4.5-liter flat 12 917, considered one of the most iconic race cars ever, securing Porsche’s first 24 Hours of Le Mans win and dominating the Can-Am series.

Porsche’s 911 variants have also excelled in racing, winning the Monte Carlo rally early in its history. The 1970s saw victories at the Targa Florio, Daytona, and Sebring with the 911 Carrera RSR, and a 1979 Le Mans win with the 935. The 911 continues to succeed in numerous motorsport series, both by Porsche and privateers.

Top Gear’s Tom Ford recently explored a hidden vault filled with some of Porsche’s most iconic race cars. Let’s take a look at some of the Porsche race cars he managed to came across with.