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Porsche Cayman 987 (2006 – 2013) – Fuses Box Diagram and Amperages List

Cayman, Cayman S

2006-2013 Porsche Cayman Fuses Box Diagram and Amperages List

This fuse box information is ONLY for the following Porsche models and years:

– 2005 to 2013 Porsche 987c Cayman and Cayman S – years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

Fuse Box Location

The fuse box in the Porsche Cayman (987c series) is located on the doors side of the drivers footwell, under a black cover. Once the cover is removed you’ll see the fuse box.

Fuse Box Diagram

There are 5 rows of fuses in the fuse box diagram (A to E). Each row have 10 fuses. Fuses nomenclature is A-5, C-7, etc…

Fuses List and Amperage

Row A

Fuse no. Description Amperage
Fuse 1 Power Window Left Door TRM30 30 A
Fuse 2 Central Locking Left Door TRM30 15 A
Fuse 3 Rear Control Unit TRM30, Rear Spoiler, Rear Lid Release, Two-Tone Horns 15 A
Fuse 4 Power Window Right Door TRM30 30 A
Fuse 5 Central Locking Right Door TRM30 15 A
Fuse 6 Rear Control Unit TRM30, Left Tail Light, Brake Light 15 A
Fuse 7 Rear Control Unit TRM30, Right Tail Light, Rear Fog Light 15 A
Fuse 8 12V Sockets 7.5 A
Fuse 9 Rear Window Heater 25 A
Fuse 10 Cigarette Lighter 15 A

Row B

Fuse 1 Instrument Cluster TRM30, Weight Detection TRM30, Diagnostic Socket TRM30 15 A
Fuse 2 Passenger Compartment Sensor 7.5 A
Fuse 3 Seat Adjustment Control Unit TRM30, Memory Control Unit, Combination Steering Column Module TRM30, , Tyre Pressure Monitoring Control Unit TRM30, Alarm Siren, Sportchrono, Tilt Sensor 15 A
Fuse 4 Headlight Washer system 25 A
Fuse 5 Unused 7.5 A
Fuse 6 Vehicle Electrical System Control Unit TRM30, Filler Flap Release 7.5 A
Fuse 7 Unused A
Fuse 8 Tiptronic Control Unit T30 7.5 A
Fuse 9 Telephone TRM86S 7.5 A
Fuse 10 Heating Klimatronic TRM30 25 A

Row C

Fuse no. Description Amperage
Fuse 1 Unused 7.5 A
Fuse 2 Diagnostic Socket TRM15, Klimatronic Control Unit TRM15, PASM Control Unit TRM15, Refrigerant Pressure Sensor TRM15, Clutch Switch, Electronics Box, Mobile Phone TRM15, Heated Spray Jets 7.5 A
Fuse 3 Front End Control Unit TRM15, Light Switch TRM15 10 A
Fuse 4 Brake Light Switch 10 A
Fuse 5 Tiptronic Control Unit TRM15, Tiptronic Position Switch TRM15 15 A
Fuse 6 Rear Window Wiper, Non-Dazzle Interior Mirror TRM15, Park Assist Control Unit TRM15 15 A
Fuse 7 Combination Steering Column Module TRM15 7.5 A
Fuse 8 PSM Control Unit, Sensor Cluster, Key Module TRM15 10 A
Fuse 9 PASM Control Unit TRM30 15 A
Fuse 10 PSM Control Unit 25 A

Row D

Fuse no. Description Amperage
Fuse 1 Fuel Pump 25 A
Fuse 2 Unused 25 A
Fuse 3 DME Control Unit TRM30 7.5 A
Fuse 4 Unused A
Fuse 5 DME Control Unit TRM87, DMTL Valve, Secondary Air Pump Relay, Engine Compartment Fan Relay, Camshaft Adjuster, Camshaft Sensor, Intake Pipe Changeover Valve, Tank Vent Valve, Hot Film Mass Air flow Sensor, Air Conditioner Compressor Relay, Tiptronic Valve, Valve Lift Control 25 A
Fuse 6 Oxygen Sensor/Heating ahead of Catalytic Converter, Oxygen Sensor/Heating behind of Catalytic Converter 25 A
Fuse 7 Ignition Coils, Injection Valves 15 A
Fuse 8 DME Control Unit TRM87 7.5 A
Fuse 9 Electronics Box, Mobile Phone TRM30, DVD Player TRM30, PCM 2.1 TRM30, Telephone TRM30, CD Autochanger TRM30 10 A
Fuse 10 ASK Amplifier TRM30, Bose Amplifier TRM30, Bose Subwoofer TRM30, Heating, Climatronic 25 A

Row E

Fuse no. Description Amperage
E1 Seat Adjustment, Left, Seat Memory Motors Left 30 A
E2 Seat Adjustment, Right, Seat Memory Motors Right 30 A
E3 Unused 30 A
E4 Unused A