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Mark Morgan is “Driven By Dreams”

Iconic cars take impressionistic forms

If you were lucky enough to visit Rennsport Reunion 7 in Monterey, California, then chances are you gazed at one of Mark Morgan’s illustrations without even realizing it. An illustrator based in the U.K., Mark has mixed his passion for Porsche and his artistic talents to yield some truly exciting pieces.

Where it started

A childhood spent playing with diecast cars, and dreaming about cars for hours on end fueled Mark Morgan’s drive to become an automotive illustrator. His passion for all things sports cars is evident in every visual expression he creates, each filled with color and a sense of excitement. In his stunning new pieces below, Mark leans into Porsche iconography and history to create his dreamy vision of 75 years of Porsche.

Mark discusses his work

“My style is romantic. Graphically it is impressionistic. What the color and light says in a picture is more important than the subject. It allows the viewer to respond to that stimulus and access a subject that they may feel ambivalent about.

I chose the Taycan as the newest achievement of Porsche engineering, and the 930 Turbo as a representative of not only the iconic 911 model, but also a shape signature that is synonymous with the brand.

Inspiration for the 75th anniversary picture was diecast car track play-sets. An environment where any car or truck can run as fast as it can on an open road. An early 356 representing the beginning of the brand, a 917 representing the beginning of Porsche’s dominance of motorsport and the Taycan representing the beginning of the future with electrification. The three ‘beginnings’ all sharing the same piece of track, in motion together.”

For more of Mark Morgan’s work, please follow him on Instagram at @triplespressomm and visit his website HERE

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