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Porsche 911 builder Machine Revival celebrates its 10th anniversary

French tuner blurs the lines of functionality and art

In a world of horsepower ratings, Nürburgring lap times, and numerous statistics that often don’t tell the complete story, it’s refreshing to see a company prioritize something other than numbers. Delve into their website, and phrases such as “driving pleasure” and “art inspired” describe their philosophy. French automobile specialist Machine Revival has now built 18 custom 911s. Hence, it’s no surprise they have reached their tenth anniversary and opened a satellite location in California.

Previous builds include:

MR10 – Drive till death

This 1982 911 build was about the raw driving experience, combining 250 hp and a 950 kg chassis. In the words of Machine Revival, “When the path overrides the destination, and the driving takes over the direction to follow. Driving becomes a goal in itself, a kind of meditation, a cult of which the car is the temple.”

NR13 – Nemesis

When the build description includes the words “Avenging Anger,” you know this isn’t a car with air-conditioning and Louis Vuitton door paneling. Using a rare 1972 “oil flap” chassis, this long-nose beast contains a twin-plug, 300HP mill, and spartan interior, yielding a “down to business” Outlaw. Custom upholstered racing buckets keep its crew secure in the corners.

M20 – JAYA

Inspired by the outdoors and the Indonesian mountain Puncak Jaya, this 1982 911 has been carefully transformed into a fuel-injected Rocketship with no qualms about performing on high-altitude roads. The 3.0-liter engine is tuned for bio-ethanol fuel and delivers a reliable 230 HP.


One of Machine Revival’s latest projects, VOID, starts with a bare metal tub that extensively uses custom carbon-fiber components to yield a final chassis weight of 932 kg. You may think this is a track-day car because its 3.0 liters of motivation produces 297 hp. However, add air-conditioning and LED lighting, and this beast is also ready for the road. Gold-finished 16″ Campagnolo wheels add contrast to the glossy black paint.


The Lockheed-built SR-71 Blackbird redefined the boundaries of aviation using technology unimaginable for its time. So, too, was the approach to building the MR28. Combining the lightest chassis (from a 912) with the most advanced air-cooled engine (from a 993), Machine Revival produced a 911 that redefines the phrase “visceral experience.”

To quote Revival Machine on this build, “Fierce in its acceleration, relentless in its curves…grabbing the wheel and pressing the right pedal is a sure shot of adrenaline.”

MR17 – Götzen-Dammerung

With a custom raspberry and black interior, there is no question that this is a bespoke vision. Based on a 1984 911, it features a center exhaust fed by a 3.2-liter engine.


In an automotive segment as crowded as the restomod Porsche 911 industry is, Machine Revival is fine with carving out its own unique space. As a philosophy, they prioritize the combination of driving experience with aesthetics and continue transforming customer dreams into rolling meditations, mission accomplished.

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