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2022 ünStock: Sacrilege turns Stardom

SoCal Porsche show highlights modified 911s.

Porsche Carrera rear wheel at Unstock 2022
The 2022 ünStock was a celebration of modified Porsches, primarily air-cooled 911s. © 2022 Rex McAfee

by Rex McAfee

Stock or UnStock?

Southern California’s air-cooled Porsche culture is undoubtedly home to faithful enthusiasts who believe Porsche’s legendary sports car, the 911, is the ultimate canvas to build the “perfect” sports car. While too much ego in customizing can lead to an ugly duck (and bankruptcy), novel and tasteful modifications have often resulted in stardom on Instagram and front cover magazine shots; does life get any better? That answer for most 911 hot-rod owners is No, and this year’s ünStock (pronounced ooooon-stock), now in its second year, is proof.

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