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Luftgekühlt 8: Praise the Air-Cooled

This Porsche event celebrates its 8 anniversary and features some of the best air-cooled vehicles the German marque has ever produced.

1973 Porsche Carrera RSR
The legendary Brumos sponsored 1973 Porsche Carrera RSR that won the Daytona 24 in 1973, driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood. © 2022 Rex McAfee

8 & Counting…

San Pedro, CA. It’s hard to believe Luftgekühlt, the preeminent celebration of air-cooled Porsches, just concluded its 8th show. I use the word “show” lightly; this isn’t a group of classic German sportscars carefully placed on grass, waiting to be inspected by a team of self-appointed white-gloved “gurus.” Instead, attend Luft, and realize it’s a uniquely woven tapestry combining the history, people, and air-cooled machinery from the global “Classic Porsche” community. The resulting fabric is an “experience” surpassing what we have all grown up to know as a classic car show or Concours.

Various Porsches outside at Luftgekuhlt 2022
Bosch headlights and the light of dawn are all that is needed to get this “pilgrimage” off the ground. © 2022 Rex McAfee
1967 Porsche 910
This 1967 Porsche 910 was one of the many prototype models built for FIA-sanctioned endurance racing. © 2022 Rex McAfee

Fresh Perspective:

In their own words, “Luftgekühlt represents a fresh perspective in the fragmented landscape of car culture. As the antidote to the traditional, we upend the golf course Concours with a car party anyone will savor. We are a team that produces extraordinary experiences focused on the cars, the people responsible for the incredible history, and the passionate community of enthusiasts and creators. We value storytelling through creative expression and the inclusion of creatives who forge their own path. We like fresh ideas, and we enjoy collaborating with like-minded people and brands.” In other words, let’s celebrate and grow the culture surrounding these vehicles versus just cars themselves.

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