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The world’s most exciting 912

Quite possibly the purest Porsche driving experience?

The combination of Porsche’s cornerstone flat-4 air-cooled engine (from the model 356) with a more modern 911 chassis is what became the model 912. For some, the lighter 912 yields a more pure sports car experience than the heavier 911, especially if it has been upgraded.

Enter KAMManufacture

Wanting to create the purest sports car experience possible, KAMM has created what is called the 912c, a car that provides a classically analog experience for discerning drivers. While others have typically focused on more power in the 912 realm, KAMM has ventured much further by producing a carbon-fiber body to improve the car’s behavior on all fronts; acceleration, handling, and braking.


  • Fully restored donor car with reinforced body and chassis
  • Option of semi or full-carbon fibre body
  • Lightweight Lexan polycarbonate windows
  • Original equipment body trim
  • KAMM carbon fiber racing mirrors


  • 912, 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder JPS Aircooled 616 engine
  • High-compression 10.5
  • Fast road/ track day tune: 190 hp, max revs 7200rpm
  • KAMM electronic fuel injection and throttle bodies
  • KAMM carbon Carrera cooling
  • KAMM stainless steel exhaust system or titanium – -Inconel option
  • Life Racing ECU and PDM


  • 901 5-speed with dogleg gate pattern
  • Option of long-range for road use, or close ratio for motorsport use
  • ZF Limited Slip Differential
  • Porsche aluminum, hydraulic, racing clutch
  • KAMM gearshift lever and linkage


  • Tractive-based KAMM semi-active front and rear coilover suspension: Multi-stage electronically adjustable suspension via a 5-position analog dial located in the cabin, which had been pre-set by KAMM engineers for the perfect road and track balance.
  • AP racing braking system with ventilated discs and hydraulic handbrake

Wheel Options

  • Centre-lock, 3-piece (R15 J7)
  • 5-bolt, 917 style (R15 J7), Steel-look alloy (R16 J6), heritage Fuchs (R15 J6)
  • Choice of road tyres or Yokohama semi-slick


  • KAMM bespoke carbon fibre seats
  • Optional period KAMM bucket seat (non-adjustable or semi-adjustable)
  • Optional KAMM comfort seats
  • Electronic air-conditioning
  • Lightweight carpeting
  • Carbon fiber interior trim
  • AP racing pedal box


  • Hidden speaker system, active subwoofer, and digital DSP amplifier with Bluetooth connection

Built to your liking

And as with other “boutique” restomod 911 houses, KAMM will also build you one exactly to your liking, including both custom interior and exterior finishes. And when everything is finished, KAMM Founder, Miklós Kázmér takes a test drive (or two) to ensure the result is worthy of the KAMM name.

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